Monday, March 01, 2021

An experience like no other


An experience like no other
Did I find with him
Oh all the naughty thoughts of that day
Oh my reddened cheeks pinched by his graceful hands

Tottering on her feet did she appear
Without any warning I approached her
"Don't do this" she said "I cant handle it"
Then I gave her a kiss
"One's not enough" she said,
"One's not enough" 

"What beautiful eyes" he said as he came closer
"What a wonderful lass",
And plied me with more sweet nothings
"I've found my girl, it is you"
he pleaded with his eyes
"I'm the one for you" he intoned, "I'm the one"

Like an elegant chariot does she move and sway
My thoughts caress her top cloth and play
"Where" she asked, "here" I replied
Near she came, Elsewhere we flew

F: It was nippy like a drop of dew
And sweet like a forbidden fruit
It fell as drops of rain
And bloomed as a flower
There was no sleep for us
Nor were we unfulfilled
And till others came
We weren't apart, we weren't apart!

No marks for guessing which Tamil Song this is.


Subbiah said...

Anubavam puthumai avanidam kandaen

Subbiah said...

I had sent you an email yesterday May 24,2021 sir. Please do check and revert. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This might be a weird comment.
I am unable to join your book club.
No link? No Fb page?
It would nice to have at least a contact email.