Monday, February 23, 2009

Naan Kadavul

There are a million reviews of this movie in the Tamil blogosphere. I am not adding to them. The movie shocks the viewer, bringing him face to face with the reality he is happy to deny.

The movie's two main characters are Rudran, the aghori ascetic and Thandavan, the beggar mafia don. Thandavan sustains the body of the beggars, but destroys their soul. Rudran, on the other hand destroys the body and frees the soul. May be that is the meta movie writer Jeyamohan (on whose novel a part of the movie is based) talks about. Or may be it is the imagination of my messed up mind. The movie is guaranteed to mess up your mind for atleast a few hours. If you are ready for that, do see the movie.


Kowshic said...

Ada ennanga, ippadi paniteenga. I was sort of eager to know what your take on the movie was. I haven't seen it yet.

Krishnan said...

So is it thumbs up or thumbs down ?

Chenthil said...

DNA - you should see the movie. It is definitely worth it.

Krishnan - thumbs up ofcourse. Ilayaraja's music is sheer genius.

ashok said... i must see it

Kowshic said...

At last, saw the movie. The movie was even more disturbing when I "post mortem" it. Along with Mahanadhi & Guna this will go under "not for repeat viewing without being mentally prepared"