Saturday, September 15, 2007

The genius that's the Hindu, and the Reader's Editor

In today's Clarifications and Corrections section, the Reader's editor mentions about an error pointed out by a reader - where a photograph of an African Elephant Herd was mistakenly mentioned as Asian Elephant herd. All of us can applaud the sagacity of The Hindu to accept its mistake. The real story comes in the next line

The correspondent clarifies that the error occurred as the picture was downloaded from a website by a photographer who was ignorant of the difference between an African and an Asian elephant

I never knew that a photographer was one who downloaded photos from some website. The reader's editor and the correspondent obviously think that downloading a photo without acknowledgement is not a mistake. For them the mistake was only in downloading the wrong photograph.

I went back to the archives to see if there is any acknowledgement of the site from where the photo was downloaded. As expected there was none. The photo and the article is here. The caption is what takes the cake "An elephant herd on the prowl in the plains of Kodagu district."


Anonymous said...

avangalukku deadline pressure. enna pannuvanga paavam ;)

swami said...

How pathetic...