Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How dare you think/write/draw about Gods erotically?

Like a wild fox
licking and polluting
the sacred feast
offered to the celestial beings,
if I ever hear that a human
is to possess my
breasts that rise in pleasure
to be handled by
the God of Gods,the supreme being,
I will cease to live, my love.

வானிடை வாழுமவ் வானவர்க்கு
மறையவர் வேள்வியில் வகுத்தஅவி,
கானிடைத் திரிவதோர் நரிபுகுந்து
கடப்பதும் மோப்பதும் செய்வதொப்ப,
ஊனிடை யாழிசங் குத்தமர்க்கென்று
உன்னித் தெழுந்தவென் தடமுலைகள்,
மானிட வர்க்கென்று பேச்சுப்படில்
வாழகில் லேன்கண்டாய் மன்மதனே.

The above is my translation of one of the verses in Aandaal's Nachiar Thirumozhi. Before the purists object, this was written in 10th Century AD. Thankfully Aandaal didn't have to face the VHP.


Anonymous said...

Or, may be, she did. In fact, I am quite sure she must have had.

ada-paavi!!!! said...


Anand said...

You should listen to some of the excuses offered for Aandal's erotica by the pious types!

Bala said...

Abhirami Andadhi has even more erotic verses.

Anonymous said...

Awesome ! Ugly face of fascism rearing its head. Hope sanity prevails.

Anonymous said...

Also Add Ramadas and Thol Tiruma. Beacuse Andal being a women, is out to spoil tamil culture by using Ketta Varthai.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

What a pity Khushboo didn't cite Andal when she was in trouble with the Far Right last year.


truti said...


Khushboo got into trouble not with the far right you... She invited the wrath of TN's 'secular progressive Dravidian left'. It was the TN BJP and CPI(M) that came to her defence. Read the news before you write.


Hawkeye said...


suber! eroticism in valmiki ramayana/kamba ramayanam is also another thing that is carefully hidden. it is a reflection of times.

can you delete that loooong junk comment.

anyway 10 A.D is konjam bad. the biased historians themselves conceeded a 7 A.D date When the discoverer himself put the date some 2 thousand years before that.