Monday, April 03, 2006

Vodkathon - A summary

Sorry folks, for not updating the blog. It wasn't I who went flat, but the laptop. So my posts Vodkathon 3,4, 5 and 6 (I am not sure whether it was 6 or 7, I will go with the conservative estimate) were lost in an alcoholic daze. There are not many photos, not because we were drunk but because our sober photographer pulled out in the last minute. But we had the patron saint at hand.

Sathish, myself and Shyam

For the statistically inclined, there were total of 13 vodkathon warriers. Myself, Prabhu,Sathish,Shyam, Newton, Anita Bora, Rajiv Poddar, his friend, Jayakrishnan (a) Boonie, his friend, Geetha, Muthu and our Patron Saint.

Anita Bora and Muthu

Madman's special

Sathish, Myself, Shyam, Prabhu, Newton and Geetha

Prabhu enjoying his drink

Sathish having his shot

Patron saint aka The Devil

More photos here

When we started at 8.00 PM there were only 4 of us and we were a little worried. But by 9.00 the crowd started coming in and the party started in full swing. As I said, I was able to put up two posts before the laptop conked off. It was 00.30 by the time we finished all of us in a suitably drunk state. Thankfully there was no puking in the restaurant. I went one drink too many and had to stop over on the way back and puke it out. But still I was sober enough to wake up by 05.00 AM and catch the Shatabdi back to Chennai.

So what's the conclusion based on the Vodkathon? Upto three rounds, your blogging quality will increase because of the vodka. But beyond that, it is better to concentrate on the drink than the blog :-).

P.S. The lone Vodkathon warrier from Chennai - Sudhish Kamath on his own

Other reports
Anita Bora


Anonymous said...

Last line was the punch :-)

Anonymous said...

"But beyond that, it is better to concentrate on the drink than the blog"

Punch or not, I was right, wasn't I? And what of the retribution stuff? Empty threat?

Anonymous said...

Damn, I shoulda been there.

Anonymous said...

You can find all the pics over here. Prabhu, where are your pics?

Anonymous said...


You can claim you had vodka for a "cause"

Unknown said...

ah so the stomach rebelled is it ? i say it is a pity that it did so ;-)

Chenthil said...

Krithika, I wanted to make a post on the if then loop comment you left in Prabhu's blog, but I am in a benign mood today.

Ravages, would have been real fun.

Madman, updated.

Anon, thanks for understanding.

Shyam, thankfully it held through the night.

Kowshic said...

Sounds very diplomatic! Where are the juicy scoops?

Anonymous said...

Who's the pretty girl in the salwar?

The Talkative Man said...

Bacchus would have been proud :-)

Anonymous said...

Now, Vodka finally gets the due respect and awe it deserved (or deserves).

Anonymous said...

Q: What does a dyed in the wool middle aged chettiar fond of his tipple do, when his 'sharab ka adda" has moved lock stock and barrel to Mumbai?

A:Why, organize Vodkathons ofcourse!!

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