Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I apologize

Apology is the latest fad in Tamilnadu. First Director Thangkar Bachchan was made to apologize for his intemparate remarks against actresses. Within weeks, Actress Kushboo had to apologize, with tears and all, in TV for speaking her mind and some more on Pre Marital Sex. Now Actress Suhasini who apologized on behalf of Tamilnadu to Ksuhboo for the way Kushboo was treated, had to apologize for her apology (how many apologies in that sentence). So in keeping with the latest trend I too apologize :

For thinking that Mr. Karunanidhi is manipulator par excellence.
For thinking that Ms. Jayalalitha is arrogant.
For thinking that Mr. Ramadoss is a joker.
For thinking that Mr. Tirumavalavan is no different from other politicians.
For thinking that Mr. Vai Ko is a threat to Indian sovereignity.
For thinking that Mr. Rajnikant is overhyped as superstar.
For thinking that Mr. Kamalhassan is a narcissist.
For thinking that the weekly Ananda Vikatan is pure crap.
For thinking that Social Drinking is acceptable as long as you don't disturb others.
For thinking that what a man and woman do is between them.
For thinking.


Nilu said...

Whats the deal with Suhasini? and Kushboo was on TV???

For thinking that Social Drinking is acceptable as long as you don't disturb others.

Whats the deal with disturbing others? :p

jack said...

Guess that is the only way you can talk truth in tamil nadu now a days.My thoughts here.

D LordLabak said...

Tou took the words out of ...head? Its a flip-flop land. JJ Amma lay-offs people and then takes them back and also gives them bonus. Suhasini talking like a Pudumai Penn and then apologising.
And then we have some people with some principles. Karunanidhi talking about Tamil culture, (oruvanukku orutthi) and having many wives. Dr sorry Marutthuvar Ramdoss asking everyone to boycott english and sending his son to an english medium boarding school.
Your last line was awesome Chenthil. Where is John Galt?:-)

Anonymous said...

Yo !! baby. Yo !!

Chenthil said...

Nilu, just google Suhasini Kushboo Thangar Bachaan - you will get all the relevant links :-).

Senthil, true it is difficult to talk in Tamilnadu now a days.

Deepa, John Galt is not a pure tamil word. Call him Saan Kaalt :-). Suhasini I feel didn't expect the reaction and took the easy way out.

Guru, thanks for the plug. Did you know that they were planning to ban all movies of Kushboo, Suhasini and Maniratnam all over the world. That gem of a news was published in the latest toilet paper in Chennai, Tamil Murasu. A European North American Tamil Film Fans association had given that call, are you a member of that :-)? It was a master piece of yellow journalism with not a name of the so called association's member or any body else mentioned.

Anonymous said...

I apologize for thinking that you are being sarcastic.

vida said...

Super post machi

tris said...
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swami said...

Very nice post...

Ongaloda perey Chenthil thaana - Senthil illaya...

Hawkeye said...

first you apologize for putting Rajini befor kamal..

dei vaangada dei... ellarum adingada ivanai :-)

tris said...

Chen - I loved your rejoinder on LG's site.

Woodooz said...

At this rate, the trend would soon be, apologize first, speak your mind later.

Good one Chenthil :o)

Chenthil said...

Thanks people.

Swami, I am Chenthil from birth, not Senthil, that is how it is written down south from where I am :-)

Hawkeye, I apologize to you too :-)

Anonymous said...

I apologize for not apologizing till now :).

Hawkeye said...


isn't 'ch' and 's' (as in (ch)ennai and (s)aami) representaed by the same alphabet in our language.