Friday, March 11, 2005

Mediaah! bullied to close

Mediaah!, the media watch dog blog has closed down due to legal notices served by a leading Indian media group. Any one who has been in the Indian blogosphere will know the group that we cannot name. So, if I have a strong opinion on some issue (as most bloggers have), must I have an anonymous blog to vent my greivance? Hope the good folks in The Hindu don't consider my posts on their mistakes seriously :-).

Update: Sign the online petition here.

Learn more about it here


ammani said...

shame about mediaah!

On a different note, thanks for coming by. I'm truly humbled by the comparison.

Lazy Geek said...

Chenthil, Got you mail. will put it up. I know he has been doing a great job. I don't follow mediaah but I have read it casually couple of times and found it was sharp.