Monday, December 20, 2004

The Hindu (Business Line) Goof up no. 2

Remember the post, The Hindu Goof up no. 1? Well, here is a big blooper I came across in today's Business Line, the business newspaper from The Hindu.

Analysts' findings show that India has earned more than $3.60 billion during the previous year, and the figures are expected to reach a whopping $16,000 billion by 2007.

A research agency, Evalueserve predicts that by 2010 the global high-end BPO market will be worth $50 billion. India's market share in the BPO sector, after taking into account the latecomers, is a staggering $30 billion.

That must be one big boom and bust - from 3.60 billion in 2003 to 16,000 billion in 2007 and back to 50 billion in 2010. This is typically what happens if you google and copy / paste from multiple pages.

Read the full crap here. For me the most funny part was the last line , The author is with a leading consultancy.. I would love to know which consultancy it is.

Update: India's GDP in 2003 was $599 billion , compare it with the $16,000 billion turnover for BPO predicted by the report :-)

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Boston Bala said...

This is Rajni stylu ;-)

Starting of the movie - Rikshaw man
Middle - Richest man
End - Back to Rikshaaw :))