Monday, March 14, 2005

Mediaah! to Mediaha! to Quetzal

As you all are aware of Mediaah! the media watchdog blog was forced to close after receiving legal notices from the not to be named big media group. Desimediabitch took the lead in setting up an online petition, which has now mysteriously vanished.

But don't worry, some real smart people are out there to take on the big media group. mediaha! has put up the 19 posts that mediaah! was asked to pull down. They also have a copy of the legal notices that might have been served on mediaah!.

But the real smart cookie is Quetzal, who has put up his/her blog lambasting the not to be named big media group in the blogging service run by the not to be named big media group. Wonder how long it will take for that to be pulled down.

Mainstream bloggers, please do join the efforts. If we dont act now, we cannot express an opinion on the net about any thing, without fear of receving a legal notice. All you can do is put up blogs like I woke, I blogged, I slept.

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