Monday, February 21, 2005

The Hindu Goof up No. 4

From today's The Hindu Metroplus supplement.

I didn't expect this kind of support from someone who has produced so many hits such as "Shathru", "Okkadu" and "Varsham" ( the last two being remakes of "Gilli" and "Mazhai")."

Isn't it the other way round, the Tamil films being remakes of the Telugu ones? Ms. Sudha Umashanker, your facts are wrong.


F e r r a r i said...

Kazhughu kannu sir ungalodadhu
BTW gilli was a remake of the telugu film okkadu. right?

Chenthil said...

Yes Prabhu, Gilli is a remake of Okkadu and Mazhai (yet to be released) is a remake of Varsham, and the article said it the other way round. And regards Kazhgu Kann, well it comes by wearing spectatcles from the age 8 :-)

Lazy geek said...

I hope N Ram book marks your blog ;-) would be useful for him to give salary cuts

Chenthil said...

I hope not Guru, most of the journos do a good job. That is precisely the reason these errors stand out as they are a rarity. If the same error was made by Dinathanthi or Dinamalar , no one would bother. Can you believe that in one issue of Vaaramalar they wrote Amitabh has copied Vikram and has acted blind in the movie "Black" as Vikram had in "Kasi"? Since I expect The Hindu to have better standards, I point out these mistakes.