Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A trip to God's Own Country

I spent 4 days last week in Kumarakom - the tourist destination at the edge of Vembanad Lake. A few pictures

The Villa where I stayed (It had a private swimming pool :-))

Pathway to the villa

A view of the backwaters

Entrance to the Vembanad Lake from the backwaters

Glorious Sunset

My daughter enjoying the view from the top deck of the boat

Coconut trees along the banks of the backwaters

Three women in a boat

Lake view from the villa

Private Swimming pool

If Chen is there, can vodka be far behind - தண்ணீருக்குள் நின்று கொண்டே தாகம் என்றான்
More pictures here


WA said...

Wow, absolutely beautiful. And got to say you do look like a typical arasiyalvaadhi :D

F e r r a r i said...

May month quota exhausted aa? ;-)
Nice pictures

Rajaram S said...

Nice pictures ...
I liked the one showing the path to the villa

GeorgeV said...

Can you tell us where you stayed ? The place looks great.

Chenthil said...

WA - we sons of the soil look like that only :-)

Ferrari - unfortunately yes.

Rajaram - thanks.

George v - we stayed at Taj Garden Retreat Kumarakom. The main building is about 150 years old, the villas and other cottages were built recently. Awesome it is

Anonymous said...

Hai chen
Good to see that you are becoming a better photographer with each trip.This set is very good.

ada-paavi!!!! said...

so june month quota engai? and i suggest u move to a transfers based system from the quote system ;)

ada-paavi!!!! said...

chenthil ungla partha andha damil cinema, especiall gabtuns movies la chief villan madri irukkengal!! ella padathulayum there will be one scene with swimming poll, and glass in one hand,

AR said...

I'm planning a trip to Kumarakom later this year. I also thought about the Taj Garden Retreat but the reviews on tripadvisor for Taj are really bad.Looks like you really enjoyed your stay.How would you rate it?

ashok said...

awesome photos...

Deepa said...

Nice pics. BTW, isn't it "Thanneeril nirkumbodhey dhaagam endraan"? Unless its your own verse...

Chenthil said...

Anon - Thanks. The trick was in clicking and selecting, I clicked 250 out of which these 32 came out well :-)

Vatsan - want to apply for the Yes Boss post?

AR - I had a good time at Taj Garden Retreat. Courteous staff, good food (but inconsistent quality sometimes), nice view of the lake. Taj here is three star, while a new resort that has come up Kumarakom Lake Resort by Tulip group is five star. I had a look at that from the lake, looked even better than Taj.

Ashok - Thanks.

Deepa - You are right, I just twisted the words around.

Premalatha said...

So, When do you work, if you do at all?
( :) )

"தண்ணீரில் மூழ்கிக்கொண்டே தாகம் என்றாள்"

எப்பவும் தப்புத்தப்பா மட்டுமே எழுதுறது என்னோட முழு உரிமை. :)

The Talkative Man said...

water water everywhere but not a drop to drink
-Coleridge in The Ancient Mariner

Chenthil said...

Premalatha, I take a vacation a year and you people complain? I was even working during the vacation, with the mobile always on :-).

TTM - True and apt.

Premalatha said...

>I was even working during the vacation

with vodka in hand? I believe you.

(enakkup poramai ;) ).

Swapna said...

Nice snaps. The backwaters view was really good and the suset was beautiful.

Looks like you had a fun trip. :-)