Thursday, May 18, 2006

Should I write?

Should I write
about the verdant landscape
untouched by human hands
except for my fully airconditioned villa?

Should I write
about the glorious sunset
that I watched from the middle of a freshwater lake
all the time thinking about how to describe it?

Should I write
about the backwater boat trips
passing through villages with modern amenities
and people staring with amusement at us tourists?

Should I write
about sitting with my feet inside the pool
hearing nothing but various bird calls and coo-coos
and wondering about my vanishing muse?

Should I write?


Chenthil said...

Any smart aleck comment of "No, You shouldn't" will be sent to Nilu's Pukefest.

Ravages said...

No you shouldn't

Ravages said...

First pome the beste. Very neat

Premalatha said...

nice pictures.

Arun said...

the last line and the photo said it all.

WA said...

Thanks for the warning, solla vandhadhe sollaama me going back now for obvious reasons I am petrified :)

sudha said...

bet everyone here is now heading to kumarakom next. enna deal for the promo :P ?

Premalatha said...

Sudha, Great minds think alike! :P

I like the cardamam estates of Kerala to backwaters. Because I grew up there (Cardamam estate).

Krithiga said...

In keeping with the commandment of "Thou shalt write a poem at Kumarakom" ?

Chenthil said...

Ravages - off you go to the pukefest. But reading your second comment I give you a reprieve.

Premalatha - thanks, but how about some comments on my word?

Arun - no Absolut for you.

WA - That's a good girl (or woman).

Sudha - I get a night's stay free at Taj :-)

Premalatha - which part of Kerala are you talking about? Give details so I can plan my next vacation there.

Krithiga - When Vajpayee stayed at the Taj, he wrote about Indo Pak relationship. I am a simple selfish man, so I wrote only about my thoughts :-)

Sheks said...

adhaan ezhudhitteenga illa?appuram enna "should i write"?

Premalatha said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Premalatha said...

>how about some comments on my word

You have already warned us all. :D

(nice words actually. am not a fan of kavithais or something like that, but yours is very enjoyable. :D)

>which part of Kerala are you talking about?

Near thekkadi, but too inside Kerala. A place called Puliyamalai (Pazhiyanmalai orignal name).

But, please please don't go there. (I want to go there first)

Arun said...

Chen u sure abt that absolut?

I have a belvedere u know and a sky and a stoly and a smirnof and an absolut red and ther are plans for a 3 olives in the works.

Perhaps u dont care for it?

கொங்கு ராசா said...

good travelogue :)

Puliyamalai estates??

Heaven = (Handpicked)CDs + Black&white + Puliyamalai in August/september

I have been to heaven.. Hurray!!

Premalatha said...

OMG. kill raasa. anyone goes to puliyamalai gets killed by me. it is my place and only mine.

Premalatha said...

Hi Raasa,
Post some pictures please (please). I haven't been there in a quite long time.

ashok said...

chen..Shud I write a comment?

Chenthil said...

Arun, at my current rate of consumption it will be years before we finish those beauties.

Raasaa, have been to Thekkady during coolege days. Will check out the heaven soon. Isn't Signature your poison?

Premalatha, looks like Raasaa has beat you to it.

Ashok, as some one who has read my so called poems since 1993, you are eligible to comment.

Arvind said...

ippo etthukeduthaalum Niluva vambuku izkukaaradhu oru fashiona poidchu.Puke at all the pukers of pukefests.Death to all.

sudha said...

and tat dude is also doing wat i should be doing now: agri in pollaachi .. and i thought ur post on vacation(s) was annoying/pro-poraamai !

inimel no more bloglines and more yogasan

கொங்கு ராசா said...

premalatha - that was twoyears back.. adhu pona varusham.. athunala athu kanakkula varaathu :)
Photos..? sure.. portuvom

Chenthil - oc'la BW kidaikkum pothu Signature pakkam porathilla :)

narayanan,newzealand said...

are you ganesans'(palaniappan) son

Chenthil said...

Narayanan - no. I am from Konapet, Headmaster Murugappan's family.