Saturday, March 04, 2006

"The Hindu" vs Mr. Chen

Some people have asked me, why I am so angry about The Hindu. Just read today's editorial. You would have expected today's editorial to be about Indo - US nuclear agreement or UC Banerjee committe report or may be even on Chappell-Ganguly saga. No, today's editorial is about Taiwanese President abolishing the National Unification Council that was set up to unify Taiwan with Peoples Republic of China. Like most of my country men, I too don't know anything about Taiwan except that they manufacture lot of cheap electronic products. But The Hindu chose to enlighten me on this issue that is of utmost importance for India.

After reading this editorial in the National Daily I learnt a lot about how accommodative China has been with Taiwan, that Taiwanese President Mr. Chen (no relative of mine) is losing the public support and was routed in the local elections, US (which incidentally is an imperialist demon if you go by The Hindu's earlier editorials) has adviced Taiwan to maintain status quo and that Mr. Chen shouldn't leave a legacy of confrontation with China. It is an important issue for a national daily to cover, only I wondered which nation's daily I was reading.

It is the editor's prerogative to choose the topic he wants to write. And it is my prerogative to diss them.


swami said...


The Talkative Man said...

Yes they have an agenda just like every other newspaper and they are pursuing it.

BTW, a gentle remainder to the Hindu-bashers who were touting the New Indian Express as the best thing since sliced bread - the following have been appearing in in the last 2 weeks:
'I am obsessed with Britney's legs'
Top actress parades naked & hairless!
'I am not a bra burning feminist'
Sex and sleaze in 'Mr 100 per cent'
Sexual intercourse > 4 X masturbation
Anara Gupta finds mention in exam guide

Yeps, The Indian Crappress is following the Slimes of India!

Point is there is no perfect newspaper and it is upto you to read what you like.

SLN said...


I agree completely. I too have riled against the undue importance given to China by Hindu and more so by Frontline (and not from a neutral perspective either). Fortunately their biases are well known today

Slakhs (a frequent visitor and occassional commenter)

Anonymous said...


Anon again. I provoked you to explain your stand on The Hindu.

am able to appreciate your thoughts.

But, still, The Hindu is the best among the worst, atleast to develop/maintain your english fluency.

Do u agree ?