Saturday, March 04, 2006

Chappell - Ganguly

This seems to be an unending saga of Indian Cricket. Just when sports writers were getting ready to do a post mortem analysis of the issue, Chappell comes out with a nasty interview. Well, not exactly nasty but for that one line, �what I didn�t realise at that stage was how utterly important to his life and finances being captain was.�

Finances is the key word here. If Chappell had not said finances, he might have got away with it. That is a real damaging statement, Ganguly can drag Chappell to court based on that.

Curiously Indian media is softpedalling on this issue, treating Chappell with kid gloves. The reaction is tepid compared to the reaction when Tendulkar was fined for ball tampering some years ago. Just check Amit's op-ed in Indian Express. Even while criticising (very mildly at that) Chappell, he says don't become like Ganguly. Reminds me of the hyphenating done during communal riots, even if one party is at wrong, criticise the other party also in order to maintain the so called equilibrium.

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