Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Dry Run (or was it wet)

Planning a vodkathon is no simple job. So many things to work out, so many schedules to make, believe me it is a really time consuming process. Like any good supply chain management specialist (in other words a trucker) I wanted to do a dry run before the event. So I went to Bangalore and met up with Prabhu, the other organiser. We checked out the place, decided the props needed, the schedule and the tech support needed. And you people thought that we were just a bunch of sophomorish, binge drinking, immature guys. Tsk, tsk.

Anyway, we contacted the patron saint of the cartel, Madman to counsel us on the conduct of the event. The venue for the dry run was his awesome restaurant Shiok. It is simply the best Far Eastern Cuisine Restaurant I have been to. We started of with Black Russian, a cocktail of Vodka and Kahlua. Kahlua, I learnt yesterday, is a Mexican Coffee extract liquer. It was just great, Vodka with a taste of coffee beans.

That's me and Prabhu cheering up with Black Russian.

Next we moved on to White Russian - Vodka, Kahlua and Cream. Somehow the cream didn't go well with vodka. It was an average drink for me.

Then Madhu suggested Pick me Up -- Vodka, Apple Juice and Red Wine. I have been partial to Screw Driver -- Vodka with Orange juice and had never tried this. And am sorry for not trying this earlier. It was even better than Black Russian for me.

Then came the Flaming Lamborghini, (I thik that was the name). It consisted of Vodka plus some special ingreadients (truth be told, by now I wasn't very sharp) and they put two invered cups on top of the glass and light up the vodka from the side. So as you drink the vodka, there is a flame going on in this set up. It gives a feeling and taste of drinking fire.

And I thought I was in heaven, having had a delightful evening. But there was still the icing to come. Our patron saint decided that we needed to top it up with a shot of Almond Vodka.

The Patron saint mixing our drinks.

With that ended an enjoyable evening. I had to catch the train at 22.45 hours, so couldn't taste the culinary delights of Shiok.

Of course we discussed about blogging. I remember slipping the name of Elsworth Toohey in connection with some blogger. We also made fun of some bloggers. If you think we made fun of you, you are right.


F e r r a r i said...

And no hangover :)

Ravages said...

You made no fun of me? No way! I am the patron saint of the order of "Bloggers made fun of by other bloggers" and making fun of me is the only way to my heaven.

Anonymous said...

ada paavi !!

dry run only for vodka ? no blogging?

MadMan said...

Chenthil, do you have larger sizes of these pics? Could you mail it to me please? madman AT madmanweb dot com


PS: I don't think I suggested the Pick Me Up. I think it was the captain who was serving you. ;)

D.N.A. said...

Always finish vodhathons with a mixture of vodka and some energy drink. Here vodka with red bull is a pretty standard "get me home safely" finisher, atleast for me. I bow to your professional approach to this event management!

Chenthil said...

Ferrari, that's the best part. No hangover.

Ravages, we did praise your copywriting abilities. Whether that is fun or not is for you to decide.

Anon, of course we discussed blogging. The tech support was planned in detail.

Madman, photos sent. I thought it was you and not Richard who suggested that. We were into the third round by then, so some slack is acceptable :-)

D.N.A "red Bull can increase heart palpitation. the chemicals that increase epinepherin can do that. So if anyone wants to mix whisky with redbull, please be aware." Read this in another blog comment, so didn't risk it.

tilotamma said...
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Alex said...

Are regular loyal readers eligible to apply or is it mandatory to be a blogger?

D.N.A. said...

Interesting nugget chenthil. Long time ago, some of my freinds and I had this discussion, albeit in an inebriated state. I thought red bull is just concentrated caffine, and infact red bull ingredients doesn't say it contains epinepherin. But then, doesn't hurt to be cautious, I guess.

I said...

making a science out of getting drunk??

Anonymous said...

Tell you what. This is the closest I might come to attending a real bloggers' meet. Seriously.
Keep up the good work.