Friday, March 17, 2006

Floating words

Sowmya was one of the Chennai bloggers. I haven't been a regular visitor to her blog, just used to see her comments in the blogs I visit. Hers was a friendly personal blog. So when today Prabhu informed me that she was no more, it came as a shock. Her brother has blogged about her fight till the end.

On reading her blog now, you do not perceive a hint of the problems she was going through. It is sort of sad to read those words after the blogger is no more. Bloggers are generally young, so it is difficult to accept the fact that a blogger is no more. I was thinking, if I continue to blog till I die, I will instruct my family to delete the blog after I am gone.


Anonymous said...

pathetic ya

Anonymous said...

This is Sowmya's sister. Inspite of the numerous problems my sister went through, she wanted to live. She never gave up her struggle till the very end as she believed that she could win. We believed that too till the last day. Though we knew of a possiblity of death, we all believed that she would win with our support. It is still hard to believe that she is no more though we all were at her bedside till her last breath. When I read about this happenning to other people, I feel sad, maybe shed a few tears and move on. But, when something like this happens in your family, I cannot explain the grief and sorrow that runs through your family. Who can accept that your wife/ sister/ daughter aged 29 who had just started living her life is no more??

Anonymous said...


its true..
i feel heavy when i read her blog now...though the content is not so..