Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Top 4 movies of the year

It is that time of the year, when lists are released. Let me start with my list of movies.

1. Warm Springs : An amazing movie covering FDR's life from the time he got the polio attack to his return to full time politics. The transformation from a vain politician (psoing with Boy Scouts and all) to a compassionate man, getting to terms with his disability and loss of purpose in life - it was a treat to watch this movie. The actress who played Eleanor Roosevelt lent good support to the movie. I even had moist eyes during the dinner scene where the small kid with polio takes her first steps.

2. Kaadhal : A Tamil Movie that stayed true to reality (except for the Bachelor Mansion scenes in the second half). Since all the actors were new faces and the dialect too was different, it was a refreshing change. Character selection was flawless in the movie.

3. Kanda Naal Mudhal : A fun, multiplex hit movie - if you forget to ask for the story.

4. Ghajini : Asin was the bright spot in the movie. Surya came a close second. A good plot (though borrowed) laid waste by non existent screen play. Too many logical holes. Surya has short term memory loss, so the director used his diary to move the story. Then the nurse in the hospital explains about Asin meeting the villain. After that Asin is killed and Surya is injured by the villain. Director couldn't find any tool to tell this to the viewer, so it hangs just like that.

P.S. For those wondering how I saw Warm Springs, it was inflight entertainment. It wasn't strictly a movie, it was a TV biography.
P.P.S. For those wondering why Top 4, that was the total number of movies I saw this year.

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