Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Native Humour

This cannot be translated, so if you don't understand Tamil, skip this post.

I had gone to my village again during this weekend. It was a short trip, left Chennai on Saturday evening and returned back on Monday morning. The roads are terrible from Chennai to Trichy, but that's for another day. This incident happened in Pudukkottai bus stand where I was waiting for the bus.


Kaps said...

paneer soda illainna colour kudikkureengala? sarbath kooda coola irukku :-)

Anonymous said...

"coolinksaa oru fefsi kudupa" - heard this in chidambaram ;-)

My friend heard this one "samsa podimass onnu kudunga" - Samosa - Chat


Nilu said...

what are you trying to prove? that you still drink 'paneer soda'?

itharku pera 'vanja pugazchi'? illa ithu 'vetti pugazchiya'? :P

milehigh said...

Isn't Vanjaga Pugazchi more in the lines of 'Yet Brutus is an honourable man' false praise?

Chenthil said...

Nilu, a hint. The joke is about the bero and fridge, not about the soda.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha! adhu yenna fefsi ?! ha ha village kamnatti pasanga :)

kya yaar tu bhi