Friday, December 16, 2005

Things I want to blog about, but am lazy

1. Feel sorry for Saurav Ganguly. Whatever his faults, atleast they could have told him to his face and given him an opportunity to retire. And lily pure / Mr.Clean / Team Man Dravid gets the first blemish on him. To say that Saurav's contribution was crucial to the victory and then vote against him in the selection committee meeting is wrong.

2. Feel sorry for Jeyandra Saraswathi. Accusing him of stealing ornaments is demeaning and nothing but character assasination. And before any one wants to argue with me, read my earlier post about Kanchi Mutt written in November 2004 here. I feel sorry for him the way I would feel sorry for any one systematically targeted by the State.

3. Old Confucius saying : You build college in river, floods will force auhtorities to break it. I do not feel sorry for AC Shanmugam, the Chancellor of Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute.

4. Something far worser than what happened in Gurgaon Honda workers strike happened in China. Why are the communists and their organ "The Hindu" keeping quite?


Nilu said...

I don't see a contradiction in what Dravid said and did.

Chenthil said...

Ok, Nilu you can argue that he appreciated the contribution of Ganguly in terms of the match, but voted for Yuvraj Singh in the long term interest of Indian Cricket. And I will believe that Nilu is a normal person :-).

Seriously, based only on cricket whom would you prefer batting against Murali, Kaneria in India - Ganguly or Yuvraj?

Nilu said...

Your initial lament was the logical/moral contradiction in Dravid's word and deed. If we restrict this argument to that, I think its pretty damn obvious that there is none.

If you want to debate the composition of the team, that is entirely another topic. I would prefer Kaif at No.6. But that is immaterial here.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you have. Reading your blog gives me a glimpse of chennai and its happenings.

Actually, the captain do not have a vote on team selection, the selectors have the final say. Maybe Dravid fought for Ganguly, but we can never find that out.

Nilu said...

When you 'state' something, next time around, do some basic fucking research.

Anonymous said...

Chenthil, did you see this?


Anonymous said...

Of course i do my research and know what i am talking about. It's you who needs to do that '*******' research.

Nilu said...
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Nilu said...

lol Anon,
take your head off your ass and please read something called "Board of Control for Cricket in India's constitution".

In case your head is still deep in, let me state the relevant portion of an official communique of from the BCCI

"The selection committee met six times. In this connection, we consider it relevant to record here that for the first time, the status of the captain of the Indian team, as a member of the selection committee, was clearly defined.

In the past, the captain was co-opted in the selection committee in an advisory capacity. Falling in line with other great cricketing countries, we have now given the captain of our national team the status of a full-fledged member of the selection committee.

It was agreed that the committee, with the captain, would select the team and, in the event of no majority agreement, the captain's wish, in regard to the selection of a player, would prevail. This is exactly what the MCC does, when it selects its national team."

Deepa said...

Well said (written?), point no 4. :-)

kiran kumar Chava said...

Why should hindu worry about something in China?

It is Indian National News Paper, not chinece national news paper, not even international news paper. :)

Chenthil said...

KKC, I assume you are joking.