Friday, October 07, 2005

Nagore Muruganukku Allelooya

The last post about my college has triggered some memories. I was part of the Culturals team, calling our selves Kazhaik Koothadigal Kuzhu (something similar to vaudeville performers). We attended a cultural festival in Karunya Institute of Technology, Coimbatore. Karunya is a Christian Minority Institution, and their religous edicts are so strict that Christian students (of other denominations) are afraid to go there.

They were always playing the hymns in the bus that took us from the hostel to the college. Or it was somebody preaching. After the first day it really got us irritated. So the next day when they started playing those religious songs, we coined this slogan "Nagore Muruganukku Allelooya" and shouted it at the top of our voices. The whole bus burst out laughing.

For those who didn't get the joke - Nagore is where a famous Dargah of a Muslim saint is, Murugan is a Hindu God, and Allelooya is the Tamil version of Hallelujah.


JVC said...

You should have irritated them like anything with your slogan! I was also in Coimbatore but never visited KIT. But have heard abt all those things

Jeevan said...

Super slogam, Nagore Muruganukku Allelooya.

Vijay Krishna said...

Hahaha, superb!

Anonymous said...

Hey commeon, you dont have to exagerate things. I was a student there and I know what the college is about, Yes it is a christian college and it teaches the christian values. You should learn to respect that rather than ridicule other faiths or beliefs and there is nothing to be afraid of in that university it is a peacefull and a very good university, In my 6 years of study there never have i felt i miss something and all my friends and classmates after many years say I was lucky to have been in Karunya than in any other college, In short we have never regretted that

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