Thursday, October 06, 2005

Mohammed Sathak Engineering College, Kilakarai

That is where I did my Mechanical Engineering course. Nilu has been calling for college reviews, so I thought I would brush up my memories. For those who are unaware of Tamilnadu Geography, Kilakarai is about 14 hrs and 600 km from Chennai. The college was started in 1984, one of the first Self Financing Engineering colleges in Tamilnadu. I was there from 1992-96.

For those who are travelling outside Chennai for the first time it would be a culture shock. The college is situated 3km from the village of Kilakarai on the route to Ervadi. It is nothing but Kaadu, Pottal Kaadu all around. As the apocryphal story goes one of our senior classes decided to go on strike and sat on the road to ostensibly block traffic. After an hour the Correspondent of the college came and told them, "Idiots. Don't you know that there is only one bus every two hours in this road? No point in going on strike. Get back to your classes". The point about hardly any buses on the road is true. Hence 90% of the students stay in the hostel. The remaining 10% come from Ramanathapuram, the purported District HQ.

When I was there the college offered only 3 courses - Mechanical, Civil and Electronics & Communication. Now they have a lot more - Architecture, Chemical, Computer Science - check their website.

Now to rate them

Faculty - Obviously because of the remoteness from civilisation (I am not joking), it is difficult to find good faculty resources in the college. In Mechanical Engineering course when I was there we had good faculty for Engineering Design and Fluid Mechanics. But our faculty for subjects like Production Technology, Heat and Mass Transfer sucked big time. Same was the case of with other departments too.

Buildings - Even in 1992 when I joined the college had adequate building infrastructure. Now they have added on to it.

Lab Facilities - Mechanical Engineering Workshop had all the required machines and was good enough. The computer science department had enough boxes to seat the entire class. You can say it was slightly better than other self financing colleges in terms of lab facilities.

Research - You must be joking.

Placement - You really must be joking. In our class of 180 (Mech, Civil & ECE) campus recruitment led to placement of about 2-3 students in ECE. In Mechanical I was the only one to have a job on completion of the course, but I entered SPIC through open recruitment. Things might have improved in the last 10 years, but I very much doubt it. It is difficult to get companies to travel to Kilakarai. If at all possible, the climate there is worse than Chennai.

Hostel - The college always had more than 90% hostelers. It was 4 students per room even in the final year. Water was always scarce. Food was horrible. Every hostel food is horrible, but this was really the pits. Finding insects in the food was a routine occurence. I personally have removed a lizard from the serving bowl. There was no serious case of ragging other than the regular singing, dancing stuff.

Health - Kilakarai is a Malaria prone area. Any student is bound to get an attack of Malaria. I was a special case and had 3 attacks of Malaria in the first year.

Religious issues - Since it is a minority institution, people might have a worry about religious issues. In this regard the college scores well. The management went out of the way to make sure that the institution remained secular. Much praise for this goes to Dr. S.H. Ibrahim then Principal and now Director. It is not a Karunya type institution.


ராம்கி said...

Heard that Kilakarai is famous for smuggling. Is it so? I know that you might not be involved on those things! but, hope you may have some idea about it!

Chenthil said...

Kilakarai was famous for smuggling in 70s and 80s. But after Rajiv's assasination, the coast guard increased the patrolling and smuggling was supposed to have reduced. We heard stories, but it wasn't like Tamil movies where Jeeps would rush around and boats with Kallathoni Gaja will hang around the piers :-)

Chakra Sampath said...

Once I went to Madurai Medical College for some cultural fest. I saw that the guys from your college performed admirably well all through the 3 days. That was when I first heard abt your college.. If you were part of that gang in 95-96, we might have bumped into each other a decade ago. :)

Chenthil said...

Chakra, I was part of that gang. In fact I won the Poetry competition 2nd prize, Treasure hunt 1st prize, and one more. We came over all 2nd that year. So we have met earlier, wow!

Chakra Sampath said...

Meditract 95 - that was the name of that cultural fest. we were just 7 or 8 of us and as usual went empty handed. I was there in the poetry competition as well and also in the Treasure hunt.. idhu konjam thrilling aa irukke! :)

Chenthil said...

Chakra, It was the same Meditract 95. Tamil Cinema style la paattu paadi we will meet :-). I participated in the English Poetry writing, the title given was Lost Childhood.


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Rams said...

Guys , Brilliant to see you talking about MSEC. I was in the 89-93 batch in ECE. Any news now about the college? Eager to listen. Our batch has an healthy 80-90 member yahoogroups even now after 13 years and we've already met 3 times in these years as a group.

Karthik said...

Guys, I was in 1998-2002 batch. We have a yahoogroups with sizeable no of members, currently there is a poll going on whether we need a website or not. Unfortunately the group has become a kinda job posting group. Kilakarai improved a lot. An arts college has come up next to the engg. college and college buses plying form ramnad and kilakarai. Still campus recruitment is a distant dream.

Anonymous said...

I was from the 1999 - 2002 batch in Mechanical Dept. It was good to see something about my college.

Good Work!

I have my own blog of our college.

Chenthil said...

Rams, you are super senior to me. Are you from the batch of T.E. Gautham?

Karthik, the link between you and me might be your Lecturer Varadarajan. I was Varada's classmate.

Manjunaath, 1996 batch too have a yahoogroups.

If you guys can leave your mail ids, it will be easier for me to mail you.

Sathish said...

Hi Frens,

I am Sathis from 2003 passout. Read the reviews about r college. Like to add something from my end. May be the latest news.

The college was very bad when we studied. Infrastructure.... nothing. They dump atleast 100 students in single class. it was more for my juniors.

Faculties. None except one or two in each dept.
Depts. like Aeronautical, Marine, B.Arch. badly suffered. They dont find enough(not efficient) faculty, then they can think about efficient.

Campus selection. Zero. During our batch, none of r frens are placed by campus recruitment, 'cos they dont arrange for it. So dont expect about campus recruitement.

This was all history. (till 2005)

This year, there was a drastic change in the college infrastructure & procedure. Students with less attendence%(less than 75%) are not allowed to take their exams(Strictly followed). Students are not allowed inside without their ID card(Which we dont have any). Director was fired & lot of changes in the administration dept. They fired many staffs & recruited new staffs. Dont know much about their efficiency. What i heared lastly was, college looks gud from outside. But still the std. of faculties are not upto mark.

Campus interviews.... is still a dream for them. There are talks going about starting placement cell....still in discussion level.

Bus frequency has improved much.

Atpresent, overall there is not much gud faculties & no placements.

One major disadvantage is its location. it is located in nomans land. U can goto SLK in less than 2 hrs. not a joke, its true.

Conclusion: If any of ur brother's or sister's or ur friends want to join this college :-( its not a clever move.

Cheers, Sathish

Anonymous said...

i have gone through my friends Comments about our collage .well,What ever it be, i have an emotional attachment with the collage.I am from 1998-2002 Batch and now working with an MNC .In my company there are atleast three to four MSECians ..Its really happy to see them talking about our collage .. Lots of lovable memories like seniors Ragging,Scary moments of Going to Director's Room (DR. S.H .Ebrahim)with leave applications,Kilakaria Life,Hostel WARDENS Tamglish(Tamil+English)...Ganesh Sir( COMP Dept) scoldings eTC..AND FIGHTING stories of staffs members IN THE DEpt for HOD Post ...Lots more ..Memories live long ..last long ....

Arif said...

I was of 1998-2002 batch.

True Pal! Inspite of Hostel/Classes being bad, College invokes some great memories.. Highlight being the friends one made at college.

Ganesan Sir/Brinda Devi's Classes in First years I am sure guys wouldnt have forgotten.

I did hear college has changed a lot[for better I hope].. We have at ATM in KLK etc etc.

Karthik said...

Hi Chenthil, I did not remember any staff called Varadarajan. I am from EEE dept. My email ID
Please do send me your email ID.

lakshmikanthan said...

Hi friends,
I am lakshmikanth from 1999-03 batch. Right now i am doing my MBA in Delhi. Whatever our capital is offering me i still cant forget those evergreen days at MSEC. Really i do have some very pleasant and emotional memories with our college. Really nothing can be like our college in many issues. I would love to have those days back.

Chenthil said...

Hi Karthik, I am talking about Mechanical Dept. From what others say I guess things remain the same without much improvement.

Anonymous said...

I am Samy ,1998 - 2002 batch. Sathak was unique in all aspects..right frm management to education (doesnt matter good or bad !). I still remember those days attending exams with 10 r 15 percent attendance.( ofcourse u will get full marks for ur internals!)

Thank you chenthil for ur effort.

Leaving this comment with some nice memories


Anonymous said...

Hi msecians,

I was from I.T Dept 2001-05 batch.
our college is improving a lot after the appointment of new prinipal from sathyabama Univ.Very strict rules are followed now.staffs should compulsory wear shoes and ties.For students ties and Id card are mandatory.

ashok said...

really i feel happy 2 see our college name in compuet tru internet ...

senthil kumar said...

how is our college now?
is there any improvement?

Vijay(Thuru) said...

Chen, I am from the 93-7 batch...
that pally guy hanging around with Sharatha and Arul...hope you remember..Only one thing to say about college(rest is all over the blog) is the way toddy was accessible and royally served like we were premium customers:-) wow!! may be thats something i think i can never get in life again...
Kallu kadai akkakku oru ooooo podu!!
somebody from sathya bama running our college...i dread the very thought of it..i think all said and done..we were on our own(paupers,beggars,artist,students,ruffians and of course at times responsible students) and we kind of made of our destiny..which is not bad at all looking at our alumni...
so lets c if our spirits change the new guy and not the other way :-)
one more piece of info,our batch('97 batch) has a yahoo groups with a membership of closed to 120 members and 80 active ones..we had met once and might meet again next year..
another thought that strikes me is that can MSEc target SL cos. for campus...not sure about the market there..

Vighnesh (Horse) said...

Hi Chen.. I belong to the same batch as Thuru (93-97 - ECE)..hailing from Chennai. Great to see your blog... a good recollection of memory. Still wondering how we even got out of there and settled these days. As Vijay mentioned.. we the �97 batch mates are trying to keep in touch as much as possible. We do have some contact with our Jr. sets. But.. our Sathakians have gone all over the world and it is getting tough to meet up. Here are a few more that would probably bring up a smile.. or a drop of tear �.The part of MSEC which I still cherish in my memories� the Night life of MSEC !! - Jumping over the fences and 10 ft tall compound walls (code named : Golden Highway..there were some more by-pass routes also), the sounds of peacocks in the nights along with the scary background noise of the palm tree leaves, the �Nila sea food� vehicle, which drops us near RC�s parota shop when returning from Jagan theater � night show ;-), I still wonder how I even managed to climb a building to the 2nd floor of the hostel like a thief..just holding the sunshades and windows.. Mr.Nathan (watchman) and his lovely flute music, plucking tender coconuts;-). The night life during exam was even more interesting.. with the special tea prepared by Our Chief Chef �Appu�. The hostel mess was an other delightful was a real �mess�� as you said the insects in food.. not to mention the toads in the water tank and in the water pots. The list goes on and on !!

Chenthil said...

Thuru, I do remember you. One of your batchmates Balamurugan was my classmate in LIBA when I did my part time MBA 2001-2004. Since this was supposed to be a review of college and infrastructure, I left out the Kallukkadai and climbing up the walls experience. Vignesh, the name sounds familiar, but I am not able to place you. Climbing up the scaffolding helped me immensely when I worked as Mechanical Engineer.

This post of mine is getting far more comments than any others. Will give a link to this in my home page.

Bala said...

HI chenthil,

This is bala here(MSEC/LIBA-Wbatch).
Great to see you talk abt our sathak..

How are you doing? how is Noor..

packiaraja said...

Happy to express my feelings all I suffered in 4 years college hostel.I am 2003 passed out students.We can tell that only after our batch has come ,our juniors enjoyed a lot.Simply saying thru us only college esp hostel has seen some upliftments.Also I congratulate all my hardworking chemical dept graduates to enjoy in their life.

Husain said...

I am the 99-97 MBA batch
I really cherish those days even though the institute is not up to the mark for a management education, we students did our level bests to come up to the standard. presently i am preparing for my ISB. I would be thankful and greatful to my MSEC as i learned the first lessons of management from sathak.
i feel proud of Sathak
we alumnus can only contribute something for our institute

ram prasad said...

Hi, Nice to see a blog on Sathak!!!
I did my Engg in ECE, 98-02 batch. For me Engg was just a trump card to PG. Nice to see and hear that many are settled. But, the mgmt deserves a slap for having courses like Marine and Aero (money spinners for MGMT..), which doesn't fetch a job....

Subramanian said...

Nice to see a discussion about MSEC. I am a chemical engineering student of 97-01 batch. Yaa...MSEC stay was memorable though facilities were not up to the standard. I am feeling happy to hear that there is some improvement these days.

ashok said...

Hi Chen...
Good to read something about Sathak and MEDITRACT that chakra sampath (he looks so familier) mentioned...What i remember best about Meditract is the whole gang staying in Vibu's house and had a huge fun. Of course we made our presence felt in almost all the events.Memorable!!!

Ashok babu
1993-97 batch B.Arch

Anonymous said...

Hi Chenthil .... Yes i'm from the 89-93 batch along with T E Gautham. How do u know him? We guys (89-93) are in touch and met for the 3rd time after 11 years last year. Also the 90-94 batch met this year. The warmth spreads hearing the MSEC name ........ our group is and my email is ...

Anonymous said...

Sad & good to hear the Director was sacked along with his team ....... Hope the college does better ....... Rams (89-93)

ashok said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sandeep Kunda said...

My name is Sandeep Kunda. i was in the CSE branch ans was part of 1995-99 batch. My college days were the wonderful days of my life which I can never forget and think about it atleast once a day. I am eagerly waiting to come back to India and visit my collge and the near by places like "Utchupulli" , Jagan Theater, Kamaraj Kadai etc.
Ashok babu, do you remember me. I was the only guy from Andhra When I joined the college. My & Reddy. When we were in the Freshers building, you were in 3rd year B'ARCH and you people used to share the building with us. When I was sad in initial days, you were the one who gave me moral support. I can never forget you, ram, madan and other B'Arch folks. We had good memories.

Have Fun,

ashok said...

I remember u very well...give me ur e-mail...lets not disturb Chenthil's blog.

ashok babu

ashok said...


I forgot to tell u...I had good contact with the first (yes, very first) batch of our college till the time i was in Madurai. Came to know them thro my client Jeeva (civil 1st batch) He is BPL dealer in Madurai. He became very close to me (i even went on a tour to srilanka with his gang) .In Chennai he introduced a whole gang of his batch mates and I was very happy to see that all of them are well settled and in high posts...And they still meet among themselves to this day. It was exiting to hear from them virgin stories of our college and our legendary princy!

ashok babu

Kashif Mohammed said...

Nice to see our college Blogs, I have created a blogs in our famous sathakians name..

Anonymous said...


this is musthafa 95-00 archi batch. hello ashok, kashif, sandeep! exciting to see you guys drawing the nets here... painter ashok, whats up on your end...? my email id:

ஸில்வியா said...


this is kausi 95-00 archi batch. hello ashok, kashif, sandeep! exciting to see you guys drawing the nets here... painter ashok, whats up on your end...? my email id:

ஸில்வியா said...


this is harish 95-00 archi batch. hello ashok, kashif, sandeep! exciting to see you guys drawing the nets here... painter ashok, whats up on your end...? my email id:

ஸில்வியா said...


this is soooosai 95-00 archi batch. hello ashok, kashif, sandeep! exciting to see you guys drawing the nets here... painter ashok, whats up on your end...? my email id:

Anonymous said...

hi all
iam abdul cader from 2000-2004 batch ..... college infrastructures are ok for now and 1 gud news some mnc,s come to our college and recruit some peoples ..this is the latest news.....actulay iam staying in kilakari and iam not forget those days spend in apsara theatre and in ramnad velu mankiam theatre ....thats is the unforgatable events and histel life i realy enjoyed iam working in software company in banglore conact me at

Anonymous said...

all nostalgic appus,

chumma oothatheengappu. college, environment sari illana, u need to do amtg abt it. atha uttuttu, if u say that trained it, perhaps we can get rid of good institutions and replace worst environments for them to train the students with horrible conditions to take on their life. May be u cud hv said that u looked at the positive side. for many a student, MSEC has done more harm than help. with luv, yur junior

kader said...


Anonymous said...


Shahul Hameed said...

Hi friends,

Am Shahul Hameed am 2001-05 CSE batch. Currently am doing masters in University of Texas at Arlington, Texas,USA. Am happy to see a blog on our college. I have enjoyed a lot at MSEC. I cant forget the days i spent there. I heard that college a lot in this current academic year.

Abdul Haq said...

Hello Everyone MSEC,
I studied in MS polytechnic during 94-97 and now living in Istanbul Turkey. I was staying in a room in Kilakarai where I had MSEC ( not the Poplytech ) friends Mr.Shankar Ganesh of Madurai Mech Engg Batch ( 93-97 ) his Jr.C.S Balaji from Madurai (94-98) and Mr.Jonah Sunderaj of Vellor MBA student during those year. If any of you have any contact with them please mail me.

My email is

Best regards,
Abdul Haq

Anonymous said...

Wow - After almost 18 years ..Glad to see someone to talk about Bad or Good about the place that you spent the most valuable days.By the way I am from 1st batch - Any one from 1984-1988 batch. Drop me a mail if u know me or remember me - Arul(

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Anonymous said...

hi all

i am happy to see our college name in internet , i am searching for our college if anyone have blog on it & i found

i am niyaz 2000-2004 I.T batch
we are the second I.T batch there..
now they have closed the department i think><<<

now i am in singapore as a developer struggled a lot to become a developer , i acquired I.T knowledge only after left the college........HMMMMmmmm

post more abt our college...


Sahul hameed 96-00 said...

Hi guys

Im Sahul Hameed (1996 - 2000, Chem. Engg) batch

Its refreshing to see everyones comment about our college days...

Kashif how are you man,

Ofcourse our college standards were not compareable to city colleges, however guys from our college doing very well around the world.

Im working in a MNC Consulting firm in UAE and allot of guys are in US and few in UK (raju,yassin..), GCC, Chennai, B'lore, Mumbai, everwhere...

The good thing our college taught us, is the SURVIVAL in any situation (either you dont get good food or guidance or you name it) our guys will excel, where ever they are and what ever they r doing

My seniors were, Muthu farid, Faizal bhai, Ashok ratnam, tamil, JP, mani, bharat, feroz, Raju, parthiban, paramakudi suresh......

Thanks to the one who started this

Hope this will bring/help to regain our old contacts

Take care guys
Best regards
Sahul Hameed

Anonymous said...

Yassin (CSE 1996-2000)

I do agree with shahul comment. Sathak taught me the survival capacity.

There are few disadvantages in the college but none of the college had a principal (SH.Ibrahim) like him.

I don’t agree with Mr. Sathish's comment, wherever you study it’s in our responsibility, how we going to establish ourselves. We cannot expect for spoon feeding.

Most of our college students are working in a big MNC’s including UK Army & Navy.

Anonymous said...

Mohamed Abzal Khan(ECE 1996-2000)

Hi All,

Itz lovely to see some of the peoples here. It took as to the college days.
We lived of our own during those days, that has given the ability to live and work anywhere in the world,not necessay in a well estabilished city or a town.

I have been assigned a project in a HOT LIBYAN DESERT where there is no buildings ...lives in a TENT,with lot of sacrifies.Today i am capable to survive becoz of MSEC .Which has taught us "WHEREVER WE CAN LIVE IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES".Truely proud to be a Student of MSEC.

Thanks Guys who has started this blog , which will help to find some of our lost friends.

Thanks Yassin and Shahul .

Mail me at

Keep Going.


Anonymous said...

hi all... am d latest edition of msec 2002-06 batch civil engg.Now d college had changed a lot.placements been made for most of d departments.. this year around 70 students are placed from various departments.New principal vemuri lakshmi narayana has put his efforts on improving the image of college by placement & ranking.but money is grabbed from d students .for everything there s fine amount collected now. Tat's d only horrible situation there.its my luck to c u all my great super seniors in this blog... Once again hi to all...........

Vivek Ram Sundar

Arif said...

Dear All

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Please inform your friends, juniors, seniors and those who looking for

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Send your Updated CV’s within 3days from now to

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Anonymous said...

Hmm... all young guys! Anyone from 85-89 batch..?

Anonymous said...

When i type Mohammed Sathak engineering college in google i found the page in which all my seniors are posted about my college. Am very happy to saw the comments about my college.I wasin 20001-2005( department. I read about Ganeshan sir and birundha devi mam really i am surprised. After a very long time u guys are having touch with ur friends but our batch are not like that....what you all thinking about sathak is half correct half wrong. Now days sathak is improving very well. Now ganeshan sir is the H.O.D for C.S.E department. In my company also 2003 batch seniors are working am very happy to know this. Placement is also going on in our college.Its not a big tough to study in our college little tough but its ok.

aurs said...

hai niyaz and kader and all,

this is abul aurs IT dept(2000-04) iam working in dubai as netwrok administrator, when isaw all of ur posts really feel happy, regarding our college people frm city they wont like but others like it and enjoy pls rep all my id is

aurs said...

iam abul aurs IT dept 2000-04 my emial id

kader said...

Hai abul aurs

iam great hre frm u? hw s ur life thr? do u remember in the 1 yr i came 2 ur room and we critizse the pandi? soon i wil mail to u. da iam very glad to 2 see hre.


thillai said...

dear friends,

can u please send ur present status,designation and a copy of ur appointment letter to
placement officer/principal,


Anonymous said...

hi MSCians,
Orkut gives good opportunity for meet our collage friends
please add our MSEC orkut Community

bala nagaraj
MSEC IT(2004 batch)

Anonymous said...

i got this message Mr.Abdul Haq from our orkut community..So anybody know abt this please help me..

message >>Mr.Abdul Haq
I'm searching for Mr.Shangar Ganesh of 1993-1997 Mechanical Branch and his junior Balaji of Civil 1994-1998 both were from Madurai , Shankar used to stay in S.S. colony and Balaji used to stay in New Vilangudi. I lost contact with them. If anyone knows them plz forward me their contact numbers... Thanks
abdul haq
Please let intimate me
bala nagaraj

haqs20 said...

Hello Everyone MSEC,
I studied in MS polytechnic during 94-97 and now living in Istanbul Turkey. I was staying in a room in Kilakarai where I had MSEC ( not the Poplytech ) friends Mr.Shankar Ganesh of Madurai Mech Engg Batch ( 93-97 ) his Jr.C.S Balaji from Madurai (94-98) and Mr.Jonah Sunderaj of Vellor MBA student during those year. If any of you have any contact with them please mail me.

My email is and

Best regards,
Abdul Haq

Siddique said...

hello this is Siddique from 2000-04 cs batch..Nice to see all of them in this blog..
My mail id is

Anonymous said...

Hi this faizal 2000 - 2004 i too happy being there in blog i never forget first year of msec in my life time.

Anonymous said...

Hiiiiii all,mama,machchan,friends,pangaali,seniors,superseniors,sirs & PUNDAAMAVANUNGALA-nallarukeengala?

I'm 97-01 batch out mechanical guy,
'Madras' Saravanan/'Psycho'Saravanan....
(Yaarunae theriyathunu sollidaporeenga)

Dai Yasin Peer Mohamed,
Paer Vachavanae,Kalyanathuku koopitiya....?Akka Sowkiyama?marumavala?Marumavana?Nafis contact irundha kodu macchan...

Dai Paatu paadava Shahul,
Parandu poyitenu paartha phoenix maadhiri vandruka?Nallarukiyada?

Dai Paranthama,
Macchan Nallarukiya..Family/Friends ellorum sowkiyama?Un love ennachu?

By the way, I'm Good,married kids not yet,working as a senior sales manager in a Delhi based IT company in chennai...
A lot more to talk to everybody, keep me posted on your contacts,Definitely I will be in touch with you all......

Thanks to Supersenior Chenthil and others.

If people asked what did you learn from your college,I remember saying them (and now to Mr.Satheesh) "Survival Of The Fittest"


Pls do bother me @
M.Saravanan ,

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
Its very nice to see Regarding MCEC here. I m EEE (1997-2001) batch. hi paranthama, saravana how r u all, Yassin Bhai i m very much happy to see ur comments. Its very much true that after facing all diffilculties MCSE taught us how to strugle in the critical situation. do u have contact with khaza,shafeeq,wasim, parvez, nafeez .. i've contact with Sameer only. By the grace of Almighty i m doing very good in Bangladesh. Hope to visit chennai this month after a long time..if anyone available in chennai pls do mail me.

With Best Regards

Anonymous said...

Hello my dear ones, this is JOTHIKUMAR.K 1992-1995 BATCH MECHANICAL ENGINEERING.
It is a wonderful place to learn how to survive in this world.
mail me

Anonymous said...

Hi Everybody,

Its nice to see MSEC in the website. I am Noor Mohammed MEch Dept 1999-2003 Batch, Working in dubai. i still remember the hostel, Cashier, nathan, Guru, Scary Director, Principal. Its like happened just yesterday. Erwadi Punnagai Theatre, Afsara Theatre, Kilakkarai Mukku Road, Kilaakkarai Thatha kadai. Hope to see and hear about improvements in our college. its important for the collee to get campus placements


mail me at

Anonymous said...

my dearest friends

its me paranthaman, iam happy in kuwait,i have to remember all my friends,it will be a lengthy,i want to keep in touch with allmy pangalis and mapilais, its my mail id (

sheikabdulla said...

Hi Guys..

I am from 1986-90 batch, the 3rd batch from MSEC. I am happy to see this website during my blogsearch with the term "msec".

We have a very active yahoogroup, called msec1990. also, we have a blog, called

Someone must come forward to integrate all this Internet groups, together under one website.

1986-90 Mech

Anonymous said...

Hi Chenthil
Mallika from 92-96 batch,nice to see about our college,like to keep in touch .Are u?

Anonymous said...

There is a Yahoo group of 86-90 batch students which is very active with participants all over the world. We are the third batch to graduate from MSEC. If any of you wish to join who are from this batch pls send a email to for accessing the grp messages.

Good luck.
It is really cool to read abt the exp of MSEC after a long 20+ yrs.
MSEC 86-90.

K.Elangovan said...

From 1986-90 ECE batch
I see Sheik from my batch, one anonymous from 1985-89 batch, and Arul Jayaraj from 1984-88 batch is all I see from the old times!

Chenthil: All other MSEC blogs (orkut, personal, etc), put it on the top of the page.

Encourage people from recent batches to update about the college. Ofcourse we want to hear what happened in the college in the past also.

Like Sheik said, we have a yahoo groups for 1990 passout. There are about 50+ members, spread all over the world. I am in Dallas, USA currently.

best of luck.
keep writing, keep checking the page..


Anonymous said...

Hi MSECians
We have created new forums for our college please check and share your evergreen moments

Anonymous said...

Hi MSECians
We have created new forums for our college please check and share your evergreen moments

Meenal Selvaraj said...

Hi All,

Nice to see about MSEC. I am from 1992-96 ECE batch. Eventhough there are lot of Problems like food, hostel, faculty etc... those were the memorable days in my life. I was so excited to see this blog. It is good effort. My mail id is If anybody remember me from 1992-1996 batch please shoot a mail. Love to read your mails after so long. Only few girls where there in MSEC that time. We were the second girls set in MSEC. Few years back I heard there are some get 1992-96 batch get-togethers are happening. Karthick and Rama Subbu are my friends in ECE.

Meenal Selvaraj

Meenal Selvaraj said...

Hi Mallika,

I am happy you are one among this bloggers. My mailis is

Expecting your mail immediately. We met I think 4 yrs back. Love to meet you.

Meenal Selvaraj

Meenal Selvaraj said...

Hi Chenthil,

Can you please send me 1996 Yahoogroups mail id.

Hope you remember me. Sadly I dont remember you

Jaik! said...

Nice to see you guys having a chit chat on MSEC the great college!- hahah.Let me introduce u to the discussion - I m jaikumar anton - 1996-2000 first batch for Chemical engineering!..Though I have survived there as a student! & as some have said! - it has taught us/i m damn sure many of us in our batch- one important lesson - SURVIVAL- any way! - when i think of those turmoil days in the college & the after college days! - oops !- good ness! - Any way - down the lane after so many years !- one does get memory of MSEC - to just hope some improvement! for the blooming India generation!- Wish u all the best guys!!.. if u guys any orkut id.. u can find me in jaikumaranton! + -- u will find so many now successful alumunis! - in my 1996-2000 batch who had climbed up & sitting pretty high

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Anonymous said...

Hai, MSEC ians
its heartening to see the guys nad gals remembering msec memories,its mostly true but we lived with all those and survived the hot (test), but enjoying the fruits, good to see my friends again if some of you could contact me remember and through the mail atleast
its me
V.S.THANGARAJ,B.E.,M.E.,M.B.A, & doing Ph.D (1991-1995 BATCH MECHANICAL ENGG)presently at coimbatore working as Assistant professor in coimbatore
mail me @

Neyveli - Senthil said...

Dear Chenthil,

Excellent job. I am K.Senthil Kumar from Singapore. We studied together in Mechanical Engineering 1992-1996. I guess you remember me now. After my degree i immediately came to Singapore lost all my contacts with MSEC1992-1996 which is almost 10 years. I was living with MSEC 1992-96 colleagues everyday in my dreams. I hoped my dream will come true one day.

This is really great today(05/02/2008)i went search goggles finally got your "Chenthil Blog". I felt very happy that our MSEC1992-96 colleagues are staying together in the ever changing dynamic world.

I have to thank you very much for your efforts. Please help to send me all our MSEC1992-1996 contacts. Only source i have right now.

I wish all MESC1992-1996 colleagues for good health,long life and prosperity.

Best Wishes

K.Senthil Kumar(Neyveli)
MSEC 1992-1996 (Mech Engg)

Email: or

niyaz said...

hi seniors im niyaz 2002-2006 passed out from ece department, really something fishing inside while seeing all the messages and i feel how lucky i was a student of that smart institution. brothers now the college got many dimensions of growth in terms or faculties, facilitiesa and even in placement our guys rockin but the freedom what you experienced the same as juniors we experienced is missing and the college became more strict in everything, even the hotels outside(akka kadai, machan kadai, jegan kadai and many new shops) were sruggling for business due to the expansion of ecr road and college's new policies, even jegan's brother went to malaysia for to find a new life. our marine engineering dept once lost its dgs approval but now the management possess the control of it and entire courses are very costly now. in 2006 my batchmates organised a big strike which became the news even in deccan chronicle's chennai edition and the management even lodged compliants against students and the police came and latti charged really that was a painfull moment at the entire four years, during my days der pricipal's changed thrice and our director was disgraced by the our coress(mukka adi) and left the college with tears even without farewell and few of my batchmates met him at his home after strike and following worst incidents happened, guys told that he was very sad on hearing those things, after he incident the management changed the group4 securities and imported some local thugs from ramnad in the name of floor managers to maintain the discipline culture in the college, good old gate keeper went from the college with tears after our director left and dats really one of the worst moment i wish to forget, after all the bonding between the msecians remains the same as cultivated by our seniors like you and that is what made you and me to meet here and write about the memories which is really like a fuel to my life because i learned many more things there what guys of other colleges cant even imagine, now life is good for me and i am working as a HSE Advisor for a oil and gas facilities in middle east and my contact, the heat and thirst i feel here always rmbr me my days in msec where everyday my roommates used to say after takin bath"MACHI NAMMA HOSTEL BATHROOMKUM KEELAKARAI KADALUKKUM ETHAVATHU PIPELINE CONNECTION IRUKKA ENNA THANNI IVVALAVU SWEETA IRUKKU" ...... really i am blessed to had my studies there in a renowed MSEC .... PANAMARATHULA VAVVALA MSEC KE SAVALA

Anonymous said...

I did ECE in the second batch, 85-89. Just stumbled upon this blog while googling. So glad to see fellow Sathak students! Anyone here from that batch...?

N.Munusamy said...

Hi,msec's this is N.Munusamy 92-96 batch of CIVIL Engg.i happy to see comments about our college. my mail

srinivasa Travels said...

i feel happy whenever I look back my college life and those happy days spent with my friends. they are very good memories

gowthami said...

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Ramu said...

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