Monday, October 10, 2005

Time Line: IIPM Vs Blogosphere

By now, everybody in the Indian blogosphere is aware of IIPM vs Blogosphere. Rashmi Bansal of JAM carried a fact checking mission on IIPM's tall claims and found it wanting. The issue was linked to by Gaurav Sabnis. After a two month gap IIPM sends a legal notice to JAM and Gaurav Sabnis. The notice may be nominated for the Joke of the year award. From what little legalese I can understand, it looks like IIPM inadvertently wants to sue Google, the owner of blogspot. And suddenly a lot of obviously fake blogs spring up to fight for IIPM. Their comments and words used are such that it will even make drunk Engineering college students blush. Here is a timeline of the entire episode

June 22: Rashmi Bansal mentions in her blog about the lead article in JAM.

August 5: Gaurav Sabnis links to the JAM article and expresses his thoughts on this issue.

September 16: In response to Gaurav's post a purported former employee of IIPM gives his inputs about IIPM.

October 6: Gaurav laughs at the legal notice sent to him by IIPM.

October 7: Rashmi posts a clarification against the vilification campaign of JAM and Gaurav Sabnis by fake blogs. The comments by the fake bloggers are vile and stupid.

Somebody states that the Real Gaurav Sabnis is a alumni of IIPM and the guy posting as Gaurav Sabnis is a fake. How stupid can you be to call a well known blogger posting under his own name, who has posted about his college, city and work place extensively as fake? If you are going to lie, atleast lie consistently. And most of the fake bloggers only have a blog account, no blogs. And in the one post that is posted on the fake blogs, they have fittingly received spam comments.

It is funny beyond words, those who thought that they can outshout the bloggers by fake bloggers must be now running for cover. I can see only one winner in this fight and it is not IIPM.


Anonymous said...

Gaurav lost his job at IBM today, due to the legal action filed by IIPM against him.

I have reported your blog to the IIPM authorities.

Chenthil said...

Hi Anon, I cannot lose my job as I sort of run my own business :-)

Chenthil said...

Anon, you were half right. Gaurav has quit IBM on his own. So are you going to get IIPM to fire me from my potato selling business?

andy said...

hi guys, just posting a reply i�d left on rashmi�s site. hope it helps. regards and wishes, andrew

hi rashmi, i am a current student at iipm and i have read jammag, your site, other blogs and frankly, i feel you have given very biased comments from your side about iipm.

i have also heard from an iipm faculty that even your firm has received a legal court notice about this case. somehow, i appreciated that a lot because the reality is, not only iipm students across india, but even our alumnii is pretty convinced about you have not researched the truth about iipm. we�ve been here for an year and we really know the amount of effort that iipm takes. but despite iipm having such a massive effort on ensuring the highest quality of academics and infrastructure and placements (and of course, despite daring to think beyond�; a statement which peeves of many from a particular bunch of institutes) a very one-sided viewpoint from you and some other bloggers - some of whom are iim passouts - seem steeped in blogging utterly wrong information. all you need to do is to walk in yourself to any iipm campus and ask any student about what is iipm.

frankly, have you personally visited any iipm campus and on the campus talked to faculty or student? you yourself would accept you personally have never visited any iipm campus. i repeat �on the campus� because you have never done that yourself. it seems that your junior journalist - who might have been part time - has gone really overboard with inexperience in journalism.

further, if there is an institute that dares to think beyond iims, u of course would have read the various news articles from iipm where iipm actually extolls the virtues of iims being there and being benchmarks in management. show me one article where any iipm faculty has said that iims are bad. the fact is that we are really thankful there are institutes like iims that are world benchmarks. if iipm cannot dare to think beyond the iims, what is the information being passed out to us. never dare? that seems one-sided. at least for once, do not be so one sided.
and seriously, at least now, please do visit any campus and on the campus talk to faculty and students instead of just keeping on referring to blogs and emails, which anyways have no credibily (not even this post should be taken for granted, pleas confirm yourself).
because finally it�s not about a war where you believe you are fighting against iipm, it�s about realizing that there is an institution that at least is contributing with a lot of sincere and dedicated effort to studentss and corporations. that is why the confidence in my statement that you yourself should come to any campus and talk to any student on the campus.
do not please have such a one sided viewpoint. i (and my friends) have failed to understand the reason why your article and other viewpoints are so one sided.

i am sure your journalistic standards would prevail.


andy said...

just for records, i had replied to mridula on another site. again, adding the reply out here so that it could assist in your post debate. regards and thanks.

dear mridula, your questions are logical and i hope i can give answers to them; though it might not be the official one. here goes.

your first question is, why does iipm advertise full page ads and iims do not. there could be two straightforward reasons to the same as i see them. one is that iipm has seven branches across india compared to other institutes that have only one branch and need to advertise only once. iipm also has two sessions per year, that could further double up the already seven multiple on the ads (making it 14 times). and compared to the perception premium that fms or xlri might already have, on which i would not be able to put a figure, but a figure of double could be at least figuratively placed, making the number of ads to be at least 28 timesin a year.

if you additionally add the fact that iipm has to advertise for its bba programs also, apart from the mba programs (even tho many ads carry both together) now that would amount to almost one ad every two weeks throughout the year. now i really don�t know the number of times the iipm ad has come out - i really have not counted - but it is safe to say that my insti would be advertising around this average. that�s the first reason.

secondly, you ask that if an institute were providing such wonderful placements, students must be falling over each other to join it is your second question. i should say that that happens across iipm campuses. at the same time i should also clearly mention that while only around 40000 apply to iipm entrance exams, almost 3 lakh plus apply to iims, thus there is a huge difference between the application numbers between iims and iipm, and that difference is accepted by me. just for calculations (to be honest, not precisely, but just approximately) i was just aggregating the no of students in all the campuses in mba and bba programmes; the total students in all the seven campuses of iipm would be approx equal to 8000 plus. but you�ll have to factor in the fact that around 25% are bba students; still you�llhave a humongous 6000 or so mba. you�ll again have to factor in the fact that there are two batches etc etc.

now for your query on placements, it is a fact that around 25%of the batch doesn�t apply for placements. now i really don�t know how you would take it but i didn�t believe the figure myself till i became part of the placement coordination committee (i�m not the secretary tho, that�s brijesh prasad under a.sharma). almost 25% of the batch are sons and daughters of businessmen or people who wish to start their own businesses or people who are laterally placed before the last term starts. if one were to go by the companies that came this year, from sap, to oracle, to max, to a.paints and so on so forth, i can tell you this much that at least as far as my investigations could reveal, placements were really good. in one of my posts, you would�ve noticed that i wrote about rashmi not doing correct journalism. for example, one of her statements was that students got into hln and not HLL. she did not mention that hln (or hindustan levers network) is a division of HLL (hindustan levers limited) and that it was actually HLL that recruited the students? if an iipm student got into the nescafe division of nestle, would it be wrong to write that the student has been recruited by nestle. or should one keep writing only nescafe (which might sound a little inane)?

that is why i was somehow confused on why did rashmi write each and every statement so negatively. since i have been here, i have had almost around 15 ivy league professors who have come to iipm campuses and have taken seminars at iipm. when our professors met rashmi at her office and asked her why she wrote, apart from other false statements, another false statement that no such professor had come over to iipm, she responded that these professors only took seminars with iipm students and not sessions (??!!??!!)
you can ask rashmi the truth behind this statement of mine and if she really is honest, she won�t be able to deny even one part of this statement as our professor provided us all the details of his meeting with her that happened in front of three other people, including another journalist that rashmi knows herself.

the fact is, rashmi knows she has lied on more parts than one. and that is something that is so bad of a person who says she is a journalist.
she writes that there is no wi-fi in any of iipm campuses and that no student has any laptop. i believe her part-time journalist pulled a fast one on rashmi herself (because when i see her blogs, she sounds sensible; that is why i am really surprised she wrote this). all students have laptops provided by iipm and all students have access to wi-fi in all our campuses.
that is why i requested rashmi to come herself to the campus and ask any student (any student) whether the student has a laptop or whether the campus has or doesn�t have a wi-fi connection. if rashmi were to do that, i am so sure she would withdraw her own comments because that is truly not journalism.

mridula, coming to your final point where you say that institutes like iit kanpur or iims would not bat an eyelid if blogs or media were to write anything about them. if you write something about iit kanpur, the guys there are not going to bat an eyelid. neither would iipm bat an eyelid. but how would iit kanpur professors react if some journalist were to hire part-time journalists, take out a print journal (jammag is a print journal) and write false things about iit kanpur.

to quote the case of iit kanpur, you can ask any of the professors of iit kanpur how they jumped up at journalists when their center for enterprise technology (cet), a private company started by iit kanpur in collaboration with EL-NET (go ahead, ask IIT Kanpur professors, they won�t be able to deny even one word of it) left thousands of students across india high and dry after eating away a lot of their money. journalists wrote about how iit kanpur had usurped money of thousands of students. iit kanpur went up in arms agains many such net sites and journalists claiming that it was EL-NET that cheated students and that iit kanpur was just the testing and certifying agency.

and of course, how can one forget how iims lobbied against the media when our dear education minister wanted to control the admission system in each iim. did not the iims raise their hackles then? did not the iims also get really anti-media when the media had reported how iims internal staff had leaked the CAT papers? well, yes, the media did report wrongly both times. But mridula, that proves that even the iims and iits do get hassled when wrong reporting is done by media and of course others.

the example i am quoting is for telling you that it�s not about iit kanpur or iim or iipm, but about a journalist writing false things (or being given false articles by her hired hands). if there were something that could be attempted, it could be a truthful debate rather than blog slur which is what i feel is neither ineffective nor adequate.

regards and wishes,


Nilu said...

stop flattering yourself. No one in their right mind is going to actually read through your bullshit.

Navin said...


Be careful, IIPM might abduct you lovely lorry ... lol

Chenthil said...

Navin, now I am afraid :-). Dear Anons, please do not take away the potatoes and lorries please.

Sandeep Narayanan said...

For the past two months I have been a silent listener. A lot of things have been happening since the JAM (an e-magazine) released it's finding on the IIPM. Whether their findings are true or false, is still a matter of debate. Before coming up with my comments I decided to do a small research on this issue. I decided to visit the IIPM-Chennai campus; and in-fact I did. I was not alone in this venture. A second year student of IIPM-Chennai accompanied me on this mission.(Who could give me a better company than an IIPM guy itself !!)

Let me put down my experience:

I was wise enough to carry my APPLE laptop with me during this operation. With the help of AIRPORT utility( All APPLE laptops with built-in wireless card comes with an utility called AIRPORT) I searched for wireless signals. To my surprise, I was able to go online. This clearly indicates that IIPM-Chennai is Wi-Fi enabled. The JAM report previously stated that there is not a single campus that is Wi-Fi enabled. My experience was something different. I dont know what made them say so, but all I know is that the Wi-Fi DOES EXIST in this campus.

Next, I searched for the swimming pool. Alas! I could not find one in that campus.(I agree with JAM) How ever I learned from my companion that there is a swimming pool in the IIPM-Delhi campus (Who cares!! Its in Delhi, right?).

While at the reception, I asked the Lady at the reception ( I think her name is VIDHYA) about the IMI Europe and the degree certificate. Earlier the JAM reported that some guys even after the completion of the course do not get their degree certificates. I took up this issue with the receptionist. Her reply was "Here at IIPM, we follow trimester system. Every 3 months you have to appear for 15 papers, for a total of 200 credits. If you clear all the 200 credits, you wont be having any problems. You will get your MBA degree certificate from IMI Europe without any delay. But If you have any back-papers, it will be delayed". I think this issue is common to all and is not confined to the IIPM alone. Any reader with an average level of commonsense will now be able to understand where the JAM people went wrong. During their investigation, they probably encountered a guy who had back-papers... In that case that student has to wait for another 2 to 3 months till he clears all his back papers and the certificates are prepared......! The reader is also informed that the IIPM course contents are really tough (and vast also) and it requires the students to be "above average" to clear all the papers within one shot. The IIPM syllabus is so good that it is equivalent to IIM (if not superior) in the course contents. It seems that the JAM reporter (RASHMI???) wanted to underplay this fact and is perhaps the one reason why the JAM did not mention anything about the IIPM course contents.... ( I don�t want to say that IIPM is above IIM in any other aspect. The truth is that IIMs are the best and nobody can surpass them at least for the next two decades) ...Simple logic, right?? Don�t you agree with me guys?

I also asked the lady at the front office about the fees for the Two Year Full Time MBA programme. It is 5.26 lacks for the 2006-2008 admissions. This 5.26 lacks includes the cost of text books, Examination fees, Tuition Fees, an IBM laptop with latest configuration and also a 10 days European trip. The JAM report stated that the MBA students have to pay an additional 50,000 for the European trip. The lady at the reception responded to this statement as " This is a false claim. They don't have to pay even a single penny extra. The air ticket, food and accommodation is provided free of cost. Everything is included in this 5.26 lacks. Our fee structure is same throughout all the campus"

Now lets get into the heart of the story: IIPM placements. When I asked her about the placements, she said "Our students are placed in many MNCs and last year we had 100% placement in this campus" . She did mention the names of some companies of which I still remember "ORACLE" , "ABN AMRO" , "UTI Bank" , "ICICI" etc... In the brochure they have given the names of around 400 companies. I also asked her if all these companies visited the IIPM-Chennai campus. She said "No, this is a collective list of all the companies that visited the 8 IIPM campus last academic year. Since we use a common brochure for all these centers, we have listed all of them.". Now I request the reader to analyze the last statement. It is clearly understood from her statement that a company that visited BOMBAY or DELHI campus (for recruitment) may not visit the CHENNAI campus and vice-versa. The JAM guys used the same logic to defame the IIPM. The magazine claimed that none of these companies have visited any of the IIPM campus, which is totally baseless. Among the 400 listed in the brochure, each one has visited at least one IIPM campus. There in the notice board(at IIPM-Chennai campus) I saw the names of 8 students selected to ORACLE. They have also displayed some names of the students who have been placed in some foreign companies. If the reader is still having any doubt, I request them to visit any of the IIPM campus and get it cleared by having a close look at the notice boards. You will see the names and other details of the students who get placed in MNCs and leading companies.

After the 15 minute talk with the front office assistant, I finally came out of the campus. Before I left, I had a glimpse of the IIPM tower (I request you not to get confused with the usage of the word "tower". This campus is just a building with 6 floors & a parking area and not a superstructure). The JAM magazine in it's controversial report had accused IIPM of using the term "modern English architecture" for describing their own towers !! RASHMI, (Or any JAM guy) please be kind enough to explain what the real "ENGLISH ARCHITECTURE" is....................

Tail piece:
Freedom of Speech is the topic that is being discussed widely among the bloggers now. It does NOT mean that you can kick somebody's ass with a concocted report and expect them to remain silent... If the IIPM had not issued the legal notice to RESHMI and GAURAV, they could have down played the issue in a couple of days. In fact they made an honest mistake by issuing a legal notice to both!

Anonymous said...

sum1 pls tell me the fee structure of BBA programme in IIPM.

Anonymous said...

People are considering IIPM as a threat to IIMs and XLRI because of its potential to grow to great heights.

Laptops are being given, WIFI is there, placements are assured 100%. If someone says this is a lie, he is a LIAR

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

its tru that they dont provide laptops,i asd a student enrolled in iipm,the student said they havent provided them laptops when they question the authority they sy its on the way,does the clearance take 2 months???

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Anonymous said...

The faculty at IIPM is very nice , I am also the student of IIPM but till after 8 months we doesn't got laptops from college.