Thursday, October 20, 2005

IIPM - International alliances unravel

In one of the best pieces of investigative blogging in Indian blogosphere, Thalassa Mikra finds out that the IIPM's alliance of Antwerp, Belgium based institutes have the same web designer and the same dean. And this is the mail she received from a Belgium Government Organization that determines the validity of degrees in Belgium

The "International Management Institute" in Antwerp and Brussels is a very very very very very very private institution.
In earlier days this institution was called the "European University", which was a diploma mill.

The qualifications awarded by this kind of institution are NOT at all recognised by any Flemish or Belgian education authority.
Holders of such qualifications may NOT claim any academic (further studies) or civil right (access to regulated professions).

So any lingering doubts about the validity of degrees completely vanishes. As some one pointed out in her comments, she should probably be awarded the Pulitzer price for investigative blogging. She systematically questions and destroys many of IIPMs international claims. And of course IIPM didn't account for Venkat in Belgium. He checks out the IMI campus which is on the shores of a beautiful lake, with lush lawns and a scenic view and surprisingly doesn't find it. He has got pictures on his blog

And did you notice the inclusion of faculty members details in IIPMs faculty page. Many of their faculty have done their MBA from where else but IIPM. And all of them are professors. I liked the fact that Melissa Pinto is the Professor for Information Systems in Mumbai and her qualification is BBA, IIPM. And all their professors are good at multitasking. For Example Prof. Debojit Chaudhury is the faculty for Economics as well as Information Systems in Chennai Center. So sad that I couldn't attend IIPM.

Update: Chennai based evening news paper News Today catches on to the story.


Kaps said...

some fake blog claimed that IMI belgium campus is located near a lake.

Blogger venkat has taken pictures of IMI (
IMI is like any other shop on Mount road in chennai.


Chenthil said...

I saw that today morning Kaps. In fact commented on that in that fake blog. Will include that too in the post

aniket said...

Check this out....
seems that Malai's degrees are fake too.

IIPM Watchdog said...

Excellent work people!

We were looking at some cached pages off the IIPM site thanks to the folks at who got them in to us:

Malay's version of the best style of governance: "Also do not interfere unnecessarily when private initiative is just and healthy"

And his son's version of journalism and the media: "I read the Tehelka newspaper regularly. It is as bold and as revealing as ever. Every issue has some revelations that leave me shocked. India TV might also mature up to more serious issues in times to come, once the eyeballs have settled down. But does it matter? Can they change India? No. Not until they have betrayers in their own community. Not until journalists from other media houses take up the issues they bring forward and take it forcefully to the public. Till then I only hope that many more Tehelka�s and many more India Tv�s come up and make hell out of the lives of the shameless creeps who occupy public space. It was supposed to be the job of the newspaper that you are reading right now. Sad that the market forces don�t allow them to mess up with the rich (their advertisers) and the politicians (who can mess up their basic existence). Till the time they do their jobs properly... Long live Tehelka! Long Live India TV!"

Well maybe it's Long Live the Bloggers in India & blogposphere around the world!



Bachelor said...

No one analyzing the Right to Information Act? It sounds pretty far fetched. Did anyone actually try it out? It is a step in the right direction. Remains to be seen how it fares.

Do the provisions of this Act vary by state or do we have one common Act in force here? Watch out Laloo, Modi and Jayalalithaa !!