Friday, October 21, 2005

My Memorial - A poem by Pasuvaiaah (Sundara Ramasamy)

My Friend, when you hear
that I have left
don't be shocked.
It's nothing but
withering of a leaf.

My friend, don't go around
arranging condolence meetings.
Don't be upset by the callousness
of our Cultural Pillars.

My friend, think for a moment.
Every minute in this world
million eyes are crying
million hearts are broken
for their loss.

My friend, do you know
that each step of yours
kills a million lives.

My friend, Still I want you
to tell some one
who hasn't heard about me
the man who was trying
to make poems come alive
has gone from this world.
On telling this
if a drop or two
of your tears
fall on this earth
that's enough for me.

Today is the funeral of Sundara Ramasamy. This is my translation of his poem found here.


ammani said...

Just read the Tamizh original. You've captured spirit really well. But something about the phrase 'raise poetry' doesn't sit well.

Chenthil said...

Have changed it to "make poems come alive"

Jeevan said...

Very true, we kill many live when we step our foot.

Santhosh Guru said...

Very well put. I also read the Thamizh original. Nice one.

(Should Pasuvaiaah be Basuvaiaah ?? I'm not sure, just asking you)

மதுமிதா said...

thanks a lot chenthil