Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Toing and Froing

There used to be a time when every school going kid in Tamilnadu was adviced, read The Hindu to increase your vocabulary and improve your English usage. Are those days gone forever? Sample today's editorial

The toing and froing between BJP headquarters and the command centre in Jhandewalan fed the sense of doom.

Toing and Froing?

But the man who praised Mohammad Ali Jinnah for his August 11, 1947 Constituent Assembly address to the outrage of party and larger parivar, was going nowhere � at least for now. This is actually Mr. Advani's third "momentary respite" in the month and a half since he returned from Pakistan

Note the confusion in the tenses.

Maybe the editor was so thrilled with an opportunity to bash the BJP, these mistakes occurred. I have noticed this earlier too.


Ravages said...

One reason this is happening is that I think Hindu is afraid their captive audience is either dying out, or moving to other newspapers, and are putting more effort into presentation and less into content.

lazygeek said...

Ravages is right. They are certainly losing their core audience to the price slahers like Deccan Herald. I personally know atleast 5 people who switched from Hindu to Deccan.

It's a pity that the newspaper we loved is on a death bed.