Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Heard of Citizen sector?

The Hindu's hatred of Mr. Narendra Modi is well known, but what I didn't know was that it was strong enough to make them forget their writing skills. Check out this from their editorial

IT IS NOW becoming clear that the one act of the Bush administration that secular, democratic, and progressive India can agree with, and indeed applaud with some necessary qualifications, is the revocation of Narendra Modi's existing tourist/business visa � in conjunction with finding him ineligible for a diplomatic visa given the nature of his planned visit to the United States.

I haven't read such a complex sentence in recent times. Why some necessary qualifications? Is it to protect the anti US image?

It is important to realise that this determination was the outcome of a spirited and sustained campaign by democrats and human rights activists.

So even though it is the Republican Administration that took the decision, for The Hindu it was because of democrats (with no capitals).

It was significant also because it set in motion a chain of unexpected political developments presaging Mr. Modi's downfall.

But I thought Mr. Modi has not yet fallen. BJP has not yet decided on this, but for The Hindu Mr. Modi's downfall is already over.

There is a large segment of political India, including much of the citizen sector, that believes that Mr. Modi brought indelible shame on State and country

This is the most laughable of all sentences. Political India believes that Mr. Modi brought indelible shame - so is there an apolitical India that does not believe this? Political India including much of the citizen sector - so is there a part of Political India that does not include citizen sector, may be Italian citizens? I have heard of Public sector, Private Sector, Organised sector, Unorganised sector, but what is this citizen sector?

Read the entire editorial here.


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