Friday, July 15, 2005

Another inane post

My early days were spent at Tuticorin and the only beach I knew was the Tiruchendur beach, adjoining the temple. The standard practice was to go to the sea and sprinkle a few drops of the 'holy' sea water and then go to the temple.

So when I first went to Marina beach at the age of 9, I did the same thing. My uncle asked why and I told him about Tiruchendur. He replied with a poker face "Thank God, you didn't do a namaskaram at the Anna Samadhi" and the entire famliy burst out laughing.

This would have been a long forgotten childhood memory but I am reminded of this often as I married my uncle's daughter :-).


tilotamma said...

The beach in Tiruchendur is supposed to be very beautiful - is it true?

Chenthil said...

The beach is beautiful, and on full moon / new moon nights, the waves crashing ferociously against the rocks is an awesome view. However the beach adjoining the temple is as dirty as it can get, due to the numerous 'devotees' using it as public convenience.

Ravages said...

Did you also take a dip in the holy river close to the holy beach?

Uma said...

sprinkling 'holy' marina water...made me smile:)

Chenthil said...

No CCG, the stink made me aware that there is nothing holy about the river :-).

Uma, I cross the Marina daily and smile about it :-)