Monday, April 04, 2005

Saturday Night

- No plans for the evening till the call from college friends at 07.00 PM

- Meeting at the friend's apartment with a view of Thiruvanmiyur Beach, just 500 mtrs away

- Drinking session starting at 11.00 PM that went on till 02.30 AM

- Jamming session with the lead guitarist and drummer from college and two hopeless singers (one was me)

- Strumming Ilayaraja's melodies from the 80s

- Finishing a quarter of vodka

- Taking a barefoot walk in the beach at 03.00 AM

- Playing songs for the early morning walkers at 04.00 AM

- Steaming hot rice dinner at 05.00 AM

It was a truly great Saturday night.


Karthik R said...

You guys seem to have a lot of fun. Don't the cops comb the beaches after dark? Or is it only in the movies?

In any case, I got that job and so you'll get your bottle of Grey Goose (don't know when though). And Steinbeck is in the news again -- Salinas was able to save its libraries.

Chenthil said...

Actually, the cops politely adviced us to stay out of the water. We sat in the parapet wall till they left, and went back to the beach. :-).

Congrats on your job, all the more reasons to celebrate.