Saturday, April 09, 2005

An interesting blog

I visited Ammani's blog initially because of the name. Ammani is one of the most powerful character's ever in Tamil Novels, she is the heroine of Thi. Jaanaki Raman's "Marap Pasu" novel. I don't know whether the blogger too was impressed by the character and chose the name. But she has been writing a series of short fictions (just a paragraph or so) or quick tales as she calls it. Struggles of a married woman is the recurring theme of these tales and they are written with a rare sensitivity.

Quick tale 9
Quick tale 8
Quick tale 7
Quick tale 6
Quick tale 5
Quick tale 3

Check them out for a great reading experience.


ammani said...

Hey Chenthil,
Thank you for that. I'm humbled. No, I haven't read 'Marap pasu' (shame on me, I know). But I chose the nick for its 'matronly' connotations. Somehow, if I'm seen older than I am (I'm not THAT old, really), I might be taken more seriously.
Thank you.

Chenthil said...

You should read Thi. Jaa's novels, they are amongst the best in Tamil.