Thursday, September 02, 2004

More blogs

The first blog I wrote something wasn't mine, it was a word game site called Blogstop. How I stumbled to that site I am not sure, but the game went like this. You have to create a sentence with each word starting with the words of the last sentence. For example,

First sentence : I hate blogs.

The reply to this would be : Boys Like Only Girl Scouts.

And the next would be : Some Chinese Olympians Use Testosterone Shots

and so on. The rule was you have to wait for some one else to reply, and since participants were from all corners of the world, the game went on round the clock. For every correct sentence, you get a point and was the arbiter in case of a dispute. For a couple of months I was crazy about this (in fact I created a blogspot account to participate in this site), and then stopped once I got to 69 points (no particular reason).

Then I spent the next few months reading others blogs till CCG reactivated me. My posting has been erratic, and that makes it all the more surprising that I have volunteered for co blogging with Deepak and Krithika. The blog will host only blog reviews written by the co bloggers. I know book review blogs are dime a dozen, but when Deepak said " I have found all your Book reviews to be seriously Interesting..". He is young (shucks I am at the age when 20 year olds are young), he will get over it. So do pay a visit to the site now and then.

Also I am trying my hand at maitaining a Tamil blog. There are a lot of Tamil Blogs around, and most of them are by published authors (published as in Paper published, not as in internet published), so I was a little apprehensive.That's the reason I titled it Summaa, the closest meaning of which is just like that. Doesn't mean my blogging frequency is going to increase, just that I am dabbling in a few more things.

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