Monday, December 12, 2016

QUIT (QUarter India Trip) Day 1

We had been planning for years to go on an all India Road trip. We had the route charted, places to visit decided and cost worked out. We couldn't manage to find the time though. The plan was to do the trip before I turned forty. That milestone came and went, like project deadlines that whoosh over your head.

It didn't look like we could take 2 months off for the all India Trip. So decided to compromise and make it into smaller Quarter India trips, QUITs, if you want an acronym.

The roads were clean and looked fresh after overnight rains in Chennai. Took the Tambaram - Manimangalam - Sriperumbudhur Road to catch the Bangalore highway. It was a fairly easy ride with minimal traffic upto Bengaluru. The clouds accompanied us all the way with the Sun finally making an appearance only after we crossed Bengaluru.

Driving in Indian Highways has its own challenges
 The plan for the day was to reach Davengere and take a break. On the way decided to visit the Chitradurga fort. Built in 17th century and fortified later, it is an impressive fort.
Chitradurga Fort Entrance

At one of the doorways of the Fort

View of boulders from the fort

"Should we climb up to the top?" I asked.
"Don't be lazy. If at all we come here again, we will be definitely older and it will be more difficult." She replied. So we huffed and puffed our way up. The pleasant weather made the climb up the fort pleasant.
After an hour spent in the fort,we reached Davengere. 617 kms for the day.

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