Monday, December 12, 2016

QUIT Day 2

Started at 5.45 am from Davengere hotel. Today's plan was Davengere - Kolhapur - GanapatiPule.

Stopped at a 'Ghar Ka Dhaba' at a BPCL Petrol bunk for tea. The waiter said "Nashta ready hai". Since 'Nashta' is now a Tamil word, I understood that breakfast is ready and ordered a plate of Idli and a plate of Poori. Surprisingly Idli was good. Poori was taking time, so I asked him "Poori late hoyega". He looked at me quizzically and went.
She started laughing and asked "What did you say?"
"Why, I asked him will Poori be delayed?"
"No, you didn't ask, you told him it will be late"

With that snub, started the long drive to Kolhapur. Roads were full of cars upto Dharwad, after which it was mostly trucks.It was an easy drive and we reached Kolhapur by 11.00 AM. Went Kolhapuri Slippers shopping. After spirited bargaining we still ended up paying more than what we had planned for.
Corn fields near Davengere

For lunch she wanted to have Chicken or Mutton Kolhapuri, the speciality of Kolhapur. Walked confidently into a Konkan restaurant and learned that they serve only Fish. Having walked into the restaurant, she decided to have fish. They didn't have anything for me, the vegetarian, but were considerate enough to buy from the restaurant next door and serve.

From Kolhapur to Ganapatipule was a 3.5 hour ride mostly through 'Ghat' roads snaking through the mountains. This realization led to another snub for me.She asked,
"Will you be able to drive, or shall we skip and go to Pune?"
"No, I can drive. Not a problem at all"
"Well, you stalled the car while climbing up from basement parking of the mall"
"Hmm, this is different"

The drive through Amba Ghat was pretty and scenic. Wasn't as difficult to drive as I feared. The last stretch to GanapatiPule was a bone jarring drive with the road missing most of the top layer.

View from Amba Ghat
Shopping Kolhapuri Chappals in Kolhapur
The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation resort is right on the beach. Great location and easy access to beach. But the rooms are a little rundown. We made it to the beach just in time for the sun set. And tried to take awesome photographs which mostly turned out to be awful.
That's the end of day 2. 1120 km so far.

MTDC Resort as seen from the beach

Sparsely crowded, clean beaches.

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