Sunday, December 18, 2016

QUIT Days 13-15

Day 13.

Today's plan was to start from Mumbai and go as close to Bengaluru as possible. Depending on time, we thought of halting either at Belgaum or Dharwad or Hubli.
Started at 7.00 AM from my cousin's place at Nerul and took the Mumbai - Pune expressway. There was congestion of trucks till Lonavala. After that it was smooth till Pune. Stopped outside Pune for a breakfast of home made idlies, packed for us by our considerate cousin.

Pune - Satara - Kolgapur stretch is a scenic drive, especially the picturesque Khambatki Ghat road. It offers some stunning visuals of the Sahyadri mountain range. Once you cross Satara, acres of sugar cane fields greet you all the way to Kolhapur.

Rocks cut to make mountain passes

Trucks overloaded with Sugar Canes

The white flowers on top of sugar canes reminded me of வான் பூங்கரும்பு in Kurunthokai poem number 149. I stopped the car and asked her to take a photo. Then I told her about the poem and that I knew of sugar cane flowering only after reading the poem. She sheepishly replied that she thought of asking me whether I am sure it is sugar cane because she has never seen flowering of sugar cane. Perils of being a city bred kid.

Flowering Sugar Cane near Kolhapur

Poor modesty! it has suffered along with us for long; but now, like the sandy embankment of flowering cane swept away by the flood smashing against it, it has borne as much as it can and deserted me as passion smashes against it.

அளிதோ தானே-நாணே நம்மொடு
நனி நீடு உழந்தன்று மன்னே; இனியே,
வான் பூங் கரும்பின் ஓங்கு மணற் சிறு சிறை
தீம் புனல் நெரிதர வீந்து உக்காஅங்கு,
தாங்கும் அளவைத் தாங்கி,
காமம் நெரிதரக் கைந் நில்லாதே.

From Kolhapur we crossed into Karnataka. While crossing Belgaum, we stopped to take a photo of the new Suvarna Vidan Soudha (State legislature building) built by the Karnataka government. It is a majestic building standing atop a hill. The Karnataka government conducts one assembly session a year in Belgaum and hence constructed this massive building.

Majestic Suvarna Vidhana Soudha, Belgaum

We passed through Dharwad town, bought their famous Pedas and took the State Highway 73 to Hubli. The state highway is under construction and that 22 km drive took us nearly 40 minutes. We decided to stop in Hubli (now officially called Hubbali) and chose a hotel opposite the Unkal Lake.

Unkal lake, spread over 200 acres, was built over 100 years ago. It offers a spectacular sunset view. We made it just in time for the sunset. After clicking a few photos and drinking in the serene beauty of the sunset, we went on a walk in the park adjoining the lake. The various nooks and corners of the park were occupied by love birds of Hubli. Not wanting to disturb the youngsters, we went back to the Hotel.
Total distance traveled so far: 5060 kilometers.
Sunset over Unkal lake, Hubbali

Day 14:

Started from Hubli at 8.30 AM and drove via NH 48 to Bengaluru. Took a quick detour at Davanagere to taste their renowned Benne Dosa. It is definitely worth taking a break just to taste this delicacy. The thick dosa dripping with butter, with spicy chutney and mashed potato as accompaniments is heavenly. The smell of butter lingers in your fingers for hours after the meal.

Benne Dosa (Butter Dosa)

Reached Bengaluru at 4.00 PM after a frustrating 10 minute congestion at the Yeshwantpur railway bridge. Or as Bengaluru people say, with less traffic than usual.
Total distance traveled so far: 5481 Kilometers.

Day 15:
Started from Bengaluru at 5.30 AM to beat the early morning traffic. Drove into Tamilnadu after two weeks. Lot has happened in the state. We lost a Chief Minister. Chennai city was battered by a cyclone. We missed it all.
Reached home by 11.30 AM.

That's the end of our trip. We had a great time, and hope you all didn't mind the spamming for the past two weeks.

A good vehicle, great companion and a bit of craziness is what you need to go on a road trip. I had them all :-). Special thanks to my parents who took care of our kids for the past two weeks. And to our kids for letting us take time off.

5827 kms. At 16.5 kmpl. Done.

Total distance traveled : 5827 kilometers.


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