Sunday, December 18, 2016

QUIT Day 12

Today’s plan was to go from Ahmedabad to Mumbai with no stop overs. After the cyclone havoc in Chennai, we wanted to get home as early as possible.

To save time we had cup noodles as breakfast before starting. Started at 7.00 AM from Ahmedabad. Zipped through NE1 and reached Baroda by 8.30 AM. After that it was chasing trucks in NH 48. There are just too many trucks in this route.
While crossing Ankleshwar, we were hit with the stench of Industrial pollution. It took us only 10 minutes or so to cross the city, but those 10 minutes were horrible. It is for a reason that Ankleshwar is considered the most polluted town in India.

We crossed Surat at 11.00 AM and decided to stop for lunch after we crossed from Gujarat into Maharashtra. A week of vegetarian food was more than enough for her. After crossing the border RTO check post one of the first restaurants was a Parsi da Dhabba. She had tears of joy in her eyes.

Vegetarian, if you insist

I didn’t realize that she had missed her chicken dish so much. She even misread Chickoo milkshake as chicken milkshake. After a hearty lunch of Chicken curry with rice for her and Roti with Paneer tikka masala for me, we proceeded to my cousin’s place.

Versova creek bridge before Thane is under maintenance, so they stop traffic for 20 minutes one way and the next 20 minutes the other way. We were stuck in that traffic for 20 minutes at 3.00 PM. She had an appointment to meet her friend at 6.00 PM but since we had enough cushion, she wasn’t worried much.

When our turn came to move, I missed the left turn to Thane and proceeded straight. We had to take a U turn after a kilometer and came back to the turning. Now they had stopped traffic on this side of the road and we had to wait for another 20 minutes. There was a sudden frostiness in the car, and it wasn’t due to the air conditioning.
We finally reached my cousin’s place at Nerul by 5.00 PM.

Total distance traveled so far : 4502 kilometers

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