Monday, July 01, 2013

Alakila Vilayaattu - my blog for Kamba Ramayanam translation

I have been blogging for ten years now. Whether it has been of any use to any one, I don't know, but ten years of writing has been of great use to me. I sort of know what I can and what I cannot. That however hasn't stopped me from trying to do what I cannot.

The regular readers of this blog have been highly critical of my attempts at translation. So I decided to tackle a tough challenge. Translating all the Kamba Ramayanam verses in English. That is as ambitious as one of limited ability can get. Do read my translations at Alakila Vilayaattu . Kamba Ramayanam has 10534 verses, I have done about 35 so far. There has been no comments so far there, partly because I didn't publicize it before. Comment please.


Krishnan said...

Kudos Chenthil.

Chenthil said...

Thanks Krishnan.

Vadakuthu said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and effort. I learn more about reading Tamil from you.

Reading your blogs and interests, couple of reading suggestions (that I believe you will like, pl. confirm),
1. Illuminations by Walter Benjamin (I am not sure why I am suggesting this but think that you'll like it).
2. That little sparrow by Nakulan. This is a translation of Bharathi's poems in english.

After close to 30 years of not reading any formal tamil script, some of the verses that are still left etched in my brain are from Kamban and Ilanko. come to think of this aspect, it is the rhythm, I think.

Chenthil said...


Thanks for the recos. I have read Nakulan's poetry and a novel. Walter Benjamin is new to me. Will check them out.

P.R. Ramachander said...

I have completed and posted the meaning of all the verses of Kamba Ramayanam.Please see that in