Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chennai Book Fair

I went to the Chennai Book Fair 2009 on Pongal day. The crowd was far less than the previous years. Since I had taken my kids along too, couldn't spend much time and check out all the stalls. Spent some money in Kalachuvadu and Uyirmmai stalls and at Prodigy stall for my daughter. Planning to visit other stalls in the next few days.

Books I bought in the first visit

1. Mathilukal - Vaikkom Mohammed Basheer, translated into Tamil
2. Arabik kadaloram - Paul Zacharia's columns from Kalachuvadu
3. Sayaavanam - Sa. Kandhasamy
4. Palli Konda Puram - Neela. Padmanabhan
5. Athmaanaam padaippugal - compiled by Brammarajan
6. Unmai Kalandha Natkurippugal - A. Muthulingam
7. Sujatha Short stories Vol 2


Further purchases

1. Yesuvin Tholargal - a novel by Indira Parthasarathy
2. Koveru Kaluthaigal - a novel by Imayam
3. Video Mariamman - a collection of short stories by Imayam
4. Gilgamesh - translation by Ka. Na. Subramaniyam


Krishnan said...

Chenthil, does Athmaanaam padaippugal contain all his works in one volume ? Is it published by Kalachuvadu or Uyirmai ?

Chenthil said...

Krishnan, I think so. It has his poems, translations, discussions and so on. It is published by Kalachuvadu.