Monday, July 07, 2008

A trip to Manjolai and Upper Kothaiar

Some photos from my weekend trip to Manjolai Tea Estate and Upper Kothaiar in Tirunelveli District.

To go up the hills beyond Manimutharu falls, you have to take the permission of The Forest officer in Ambasamudiram as the entire area is designated as a reserve forest. To view Upper Kothaiar, a permission from Tamil Nadu Electricity Board officials will be helpful.

This being a reserved forest area, not many hotels are there. In Manjolai, there is a small shop on the main road called Kannan kadai, where you have to inform him in advance for breakfast or lunch. When goin up, there is a place called Naalu Mukku, where there is a Malayalee restaurant run by Raju chettan. He will cook you excellent veg and non veg meals, if informed in advance. Prices are cheap, a meal costs about Rs. 30-40.00.

The ideal place to stay is the Forest department guest house in Kudiraivetti, which we couldn't get since some Judge had booked it in advance. It is supposed to be a great location to view the elephant herds, bears and wild boars roaming around. We spotted a wild male Sambar deer ( Mila as the locals call it in Tamil) on the way to Kudirai vetti.

The next ideal place is the TNEB quarters in Kothaiar, which also we didn't get since the Chairman of TNEB was visiting. We stayed at a Police quarters in Manjolai estate, due to a friend of a friend who is in the police department.


Krishnan said...

Manjolai Tea Estate? For a second or two, I thought you became an activist or something. ;)

Jokes apart, I've heard a lot of people say that it's a beautiful area. I've been to Tuticorin and Tirunelveli many times, but haven't had the chance to visit these places. Some day...

Baraka said...

Nice pics..

could you recommend me any good travelogues in tamil?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Photos!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful beautiful, like the rest of the blog.

Can a fellow Cenatoph roadite see
them in person [99403 27806]?

Chenthil said...

Krishnan - at present the activism is down out there. No hassles, except that the estate management is jumpy about any new visitors.

Baraka - thanks. Travel writing as a genre is almost dead in Tamil. In 60s and 70s you had Manian writing about his trips to Europe and US. I read them in bound volumes at home. Initially found them interesting, but later realised that he was writing in a set template. நடந்தாய் வாழி காவேரி is a good travelogue tracking River Cauvery from source to sea - written by Thi Janakiraman and Chitti. S Ramakrishnan's portraits of his travels are interesting, though I am not sure that they can be called travelogues. I haven't read any one like Pico Iyer in Tamil.

MV - Thanks.

Anon - do I know you? Will call you this week end when I am in Chennai, probably we can meet at the Cafe Coffee Day in Cenatoph Road.

Anonymous said...

Chenthil, I think we have not met. This is just the sandharpam to fix that, I am sure. Do you mind a more
affordable [and more madras] coffee?

Anonymous said...

Hi Chenthil,
Nice blog. I am planning to visit this place. Can you please provide details regarding any accomodation facilities around this place..? my email id:

ancy said...

Hye all,

Nice blog, beautiful photos feel like going immediately .. superb .. but can anyone guide me how to reach there, where to stay etc.. i ve to leave from chennai ..

meeran said...

manjolai kakachi nalumukku oothuestate kuthiraivetti kodayar all places were verey nice my birth place my famly stay on oothu

sabari said...

i have planned to go to this place but i dont idea so if tell me the exact details means i can visit my contact no 9840480087

Anonymous said...

for riding from manjolai to kothayar any permission requirees??
plz tell me detail about it..

Ashwin said...

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