Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Due to a change of residence in Tuticorin, I haven't been receiving The Hindu for the past one month. It is a blessing in disguise I should say. To compensate for that I saw these two bloopers that I have to blog about.

Business India magazine had a section on SME Financing (the edition with GVK Reddy on the cover - there is no online link). The first line read - When ICICI, IDBI and SIDBI were formed in the 90's... Only problem is that ICICI was formed in 1955 and IDBI in 1964. This blooper in a general magazine might be tolerated, but in a Business Magazine?

The next one that riled me up was in the tamil weekly Ananda Vikatan. In a tribute to Sam Manekshaw, the article mentions that Manekshaw was the first person to be made Field Marshal of the Indian Army and later this honor was given to a person called Kariappa. This is the leading magazine of Tamil Nadu.


barbadkatte said...

Regarding Manekshaw/Cariappa .. I could not spot the error. Could you please clarify.

Bala said...


idukkae ippideena..Ananda vikatan la obama pathi oru maasam munnadi vandadha padicheenganna ;-)

Chenthil said...

BK - The tone of the article is lost in translation. In Tamil it was written as கரியப்பா என்பவருக்கு வழங்கப்பட்டது - It reads as if Cariappa was just another ordinary person. Though Cariappa was made Field Marshal only in 1983 after Manekshaw, he preceded Manekshaw in service by atleast 20 years and was well decorated.

Bala - reading Vikatan is a shock to the system.

Vijay said...

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