Monday, February 25, 2008

First Anniversary

Feb 25, 2007 was the day when the book was launched with fanfare. I initially had my doubts about the book, but later was convinced by the grassroots support that the book indeed is a good thing for web2.0, wiki, indian bloggers, Tamilnadu, Chennai and everything else.

It has been a year now. It still shows up in some people's resume as "authoring a book on unconference". I have no doubt that it will be released. Another online collaborative book was release recently, but that cost only Rs. 45,000.00. Since the book I am a fan of is estimated to cost Rs. 4,50,000.00 I assume it will be of better quality and will take some more time to be published. Waiting with bated breath.


K.Shyam said...

நல்ல நக்கலு போங்க !

krishnan said...

Whoa; 450K!!! Just wondering how many bottles of Stoli I can buy with that money!!!

Bala said...

pure snark ;-)..