Saturday, February 24, 2007

Audience is NOT more intelligent than the speaker

Many people have asked me why am I so opposed to Kiruba. I have struggled to explain to them that I don't have anything against him but I am against what he stands for - the celebration of mediocrity. His readers call me a loser, fair enough.

Today he has put into words what I struggled to explain. His latest project, the wiki book, has the tagline "Because the audience is more intelligent than the speaker". That explains why I criticise him: he believes in that statement, I don't.

Further going through the project site, the cynic in me wakes up. Get 1000 people to contribute to the book, and all 1000 will buy the book since they feel that they have 'written' the book. So it is like selling to a captive market, success assured. The announcement makes it sound like this is the first wiki book on unconference. It is correct, but ofcourse we understand it as the first wiki book. Amit Varma wrote on Feb 1st 2007 about the attempt by Penguin to organize a wiki novel. So go ahead, participate in the celebration of mediocrity.


Anonymous said...

Centhil.It is good to see that your blog contains a lot of CRAP!. I am sure you dont read anything properly before commenting.Please read this "Well, these events believe that the collective intelligence of the audience is far greater than that of the speaker. So, instead of just the speaker talking, the crowd is encouraged to participate in the discussion".Now, what this in management terms is called "Team Alignment". Why do this ?. Simple,Have you seen NDTV or CNN where there are shows like "we the people" or group sessions conducted by Rajdeep Sardesai ?. These focus on not just a single persons view,but views of a group.Nobody is right or wrong.You can support or oppose and you are right either way because its your view.Letting a single person speak would saturate the knowledge/block freedom and most of all make the audience tired and bored as it like a training session.It is just like blogosphere where everybody is free to comment about anything or anybody. This is what that book too focuses .... indirectly it is like a blog. Hundreds of thoughts pouring thats what it is all about?. Please do go through the site ( properly,rather than writing without any reason.

Nilu said...


Anand said...

Chenthil: Is your disagreement purely semantic? Or is it quasi-ontological? Frankly, Dr (Mrs) Pandey thinks that your predetermination of the after-effects of the said media 'text' might be justifiable if the causation problem is addressed adequately. Does that audience merely become 'the audience' because they are the audience, or do they cease to become 'the audience', when they become 'the speaker' hence diminishing their inherent intelligence if the assumption of the said statement is applied?

Ramnath said...

Hi Chenthil, check this out
We are smarter than me

Anonymous said...

Centhil. I dont think that the said media 'text' has influenced me or something.Why do you feel that an audience loses his shine when he becomes a speaker.As a speaker you support a cause by speaking on it and as an audience you question the authenticity of the thought!.Infact some audiences are smarter than the speaker.If kriuba was giving a speech on Blogging and you were sitting in the audience.Would you just keep asking questions rather than sharing your experience on stage ?. I am sure an audience like you could add value by being an audience but you could add greater value by standing on stage and telling your blog
experience and the second you become a speaker everybody else is an audience. They can slam back at you.There is one problem with you.You like being an audience and talk crap about everything (sunderman,kriuba,nilu and everyone in blogosphere). You react but dont act!. THis is exactly what kriuba is doing. Showing peabrains like you to act. btw I am not a pro-kriuba. Infact recently in THE BIG FIGHT ON NDTV some PRO-TAMILNADU duffer people were fighting on Cavery issue and all of a sudden there was one audience (who to me was the speaker and stole the show) asked that 420 metric tonnes was more than what TAMILNADU had got in years. And bang these guys were stunned . He gave a small speech and whoa the audience went clapping really hard!.Thats wat its all about. "The audiences are always more smarter than the speaker" just like I am more smarter than you.

Chenthil said...

Anon - please don't spew management jargon without understanding what it is. Team Alignment and collaborative content creation are not one and the same. And if you believe that We The People or Rajdeep Sardesai's program is good for the country, god save you.

Nilu - there are more in store.

Anand - I would suggest Dr. (Mrs) Pandey to elaborate on this please.

Ramnath - the name is enough for me to know about that site.

Anon - I guess you are the same anon as above. You are much more smarter than me since you appreciated along with the audience when some one said that Tamil nadu has got 420 Metric Tonnes of Water. Unfortunately, 420 Metric Tonnes is not enough even for an apartment complex. What TN was awarded was 420 TMC - say it along with me - TMC (Thousand Million Cubic Feet). Thanks for illustrating my point far better than I could have.

I said...


Anonymous said...

Anon is a crusader for freedom of speech. Long live Kiruba and his jaalraas. They provide good fun, especially when Nilu writes about them.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to more Why dont you understand anything?.I am sure you are no mba.

1) Team alignment: this is no management jargon as u think it is. It is a basic methodology that can be applied to anyday life. All it talks is "Leader-Follower colloboration". THis is in simple what you would see in a GD. A GD(group discussion) is a session where different people get toghether to share their thoughts!.So its bull**** that u dont understand it.There are leaders and followers and it is necessary for them to rise rather than be chosen!. So an ass**** like u would never be part of this session!. Hope Nilu pukes on you for your knowledge.Nilu add this
ass**** into your puke of the day page.

2) The big fight and we the people.Read the heading of the article."How NDTV turned around" and you know what was their key to was tnx ro shows like these that for the first time got audience to speak.Their trps are really good and the whole world recogonises this.

BTW Barkha and Rajdeep are of the best caliber!. They are award winners and highly recogonised. Have some respect for others. I am sure you must be the biggest sadist I must have seen im my life!.

3) "What TN was awarded was 420 TMC" WRONG! ASS****! its not that you lil devil!.
"The Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal on Monday allocated 419 tmc ft (Say 419 ass****) of water annually to Tamil Nadu and 270 tmc ft to Karnataka, which however will actually release only 192 ( see that you duffer) tmc ft of water to Tamil Nadu in a year."

So you are wrong as well!. Stop correcting others around and check on your crap!.

3) I cant draw your POINT as you dont have one. Hope in next life you get one!

GasquetFan :
Read my first post. I am not a Kriuba FAN. I am not related to anyone. I am anonymous and prefer to be the same. I infact dont have a blog!.

K.Shyam said...

Barkha dutt and rajdeep the best ?
Kali kalaam mutthi pocchu !

Arun said...

Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai and a certain other member of the fourth estate masquerading as an Anon and oh the King as well. Truly a celebration. I await further installments of the unfolding saga with baited breath.

Naren said...
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Naren said...


Some individuals in the Audience are more intelligent than the speaker. They are the ones who lead to meaningful discussions. The rest of the audience are just mediocrities!

Jimmy Wales himself is skeptical of 'wisdom of crowds' - read this interview

Arry Potter said...

I am King Annonymous who broke the Knuckles of Centhil. To read more of my blog check.

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