Monday, January 07, 2008

A few thoughts on the ill fated Sydney Test Match

Did the Australians cheat their way to the historic win?
I think they did, on the last day atleast.

Surely, India would have drawn the match if not for Steve Bucknor ruling Dravid out?
May be, may be not.

Why was Harbhajan targeted by the Australians?
Simple, he was the one who was getting Ponting out every time.

Is this the worst Australian team in terms of on field behaviour?
No, for that you have to wait when Michael Clarke becomes captain.

Which was the best batting performance of the match?
Anil Kumble, batting hard for nearly 2 hours in the second innings.

Which dismissal made sure that India would lose the match?
Dhoni getting out without offering a shot.

Who is feeling happy in all this mess?
Youvraj Singh - nobody is asking for his removal from the team.


krishnan said...

A few years back in South Africa, we had a hell lot of problems with Mike Dennis, with all his atrocious decisions against the Indian team. Now, it's another Mike - Mike Procter who's giving us headache with his supreme skills in passing judgment. What's up with the Indian team and Mikes in the world?

Aravind said...

good one...
and more Dhoni n yuvraj fighting over Deepika padukone down under .(no pun intended )

Chenthil said...

Krishnan - next time we will send Mike Mohan as the manager for Indian team - he will sing the opposition to death.

Aravind - there is no pun in the sentence, it can mean only one thing.

Aravind said...


rambhai said...

the topic is gettin more coverage than wat is required. indeed it is an important issue . but there hardly somethin news channel can do the competition is so stiff that eyeballs have to be attracted with whatever news thats can be sensationalized