Thursday, December 27, 2007

A photo tag

Lavanya tagged me to do this meme. All you have to do is select and upload one photo that you have clicked this year that is special to you. Could be anything...aesthetic, technical or personal. Also, put in a short note why it is special.

I chose a set of two photos of my son's first visit to the beach.

The apprehension of being left alone in front of something new.

A few minutes later, the wonder in his eyes

The pictures were clicked in the Ariyaman beach 15 kms from Ramanathapuram on the way to Rameswaram.

If you are interested, consider yourself tagged.


Echo/Lavanya said...

Chenthil, many thanks! love the choice of photos.

Ubermensch said...

wonderful! im trying to think when was my first time before the sea. you know, think it may be marina, but have to check with the big lady.

krishnan said...

Nice photos. There is a certain naiveté in those photos which make them really special. To me, anything related to sea/beach is always special. ;)

rambhai said...

hey you hav a cute son mate~~~the lines were awesome~~~especially the first one~~`