Wednesday, December 19, 2007

There is a limit

I have blocked more than half my working capital in your company. So I wine and dine with you, laugh at your lame jokes, try to find something in common between us that I can leverage to get to know what makes you tick. But when you say that I must be 45 years old (I am 32) you are pushing the limit too far.


Anonymous said...


Balu.muthu said...

You talk with such intense involvement about shares, dining and wining. This hardly squares well with the other fact, namely, your 'dabbling' in the history--myth controvery centering around Kanchi math and Sringeri 'followers' (like Vidyasankar of Sringeri matham) vehemently writing things as their sole 'spiritual' pursuit. God bless the present genre of Hindu/ Sanatana dharma/ Vaidika marga enthusiasts ! YOU MAY BLOCK MY RESPONSES IF YOU FEEL DESPERATE TO DO SO.

Chenthil said...

Anon 1, it is personal. So don't bother.

Balu - Why should I block your response. You think too high of yourself.

Bala said...


entrepreuner vazhkaiyila idellam sadharanamappa. ;-)

Hawkeye said...

there is a dialog in "return of crazy theives" that is apt here

"vayasellam kekka koodathu. Sahstiabthapoorthi anathukapporam yaaravthu vayasu ketta, surukkaama -pora vayasu-nnu solliduven"

in your case the dialog should go

" vayasellam kekka koodathu. college 10 year re-union ayiduthunna or 2 kids pethu pottachunna, yaaravthu vayasa ketta surukkama -kazha bolt-nnu solliduven"

p.s: i love balu.muthu :-)

Chenthil said...

Bala - I know, yet it hurts when you have to smile :-)

Hawkweye - you aren't far behind, may I remind you. And Bala.muthu assures me that I am back on the troll radar.

Echo/Lavanya said...

45 must be a convenient number. Someone recently asked me if I was 45 too. Sigh.