Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Carvaka Philosophy

While life is yours, live joyously;
None can escape Death's searching eye:
When once this frame of ours they burn,
How shall it e'er again return

Beautiful. Found it here


krishnan said...

Awesome. I liked this one too. :)

That the pleasure arising to man

from contact with sensible objects,

is to be relinquished because accompanied by pain—

such is the reasoning of fools.

The kernels of the paddy, rich with finest white grains,

What man, seeking his own true interest,

would fling them away

because of a covering of husk and dust?

turak said...

your attempt to rationalize your own addictions and self-gratifications: are invalid.

carvaka philosophy was went extinct like the dinosaurs.

epicureans went extinct also.

you will too


Because trying to experience only onr half of yourself is like trying to swing a pendulum only one half of its natural arc.

When you refuse to allow the pendulum to swing both waays: what you get is no experience. No movement. death.

you cannot experience pleasurewithout pain

When you try to experience pleasure without pain: you end up experiencing nothing, You end up without plasure or pain. You end up with nothing. Which is what you are: nothing.