Monday, December 10, 2007

Being paid in kind

I never knew that stock picking could be such an enjoyable experience.

Reliance Petroleum - I recommended a buy at Rs.180.00. And timed the exit to perfection at Rs. 270.00.

IFCI - Enter at Rs. 79.00 - exit at Rs. 106.00

And all this within a month. The only person to whom I gave these recommendations decided to pay me in kind. This is what I received.


Ravages/CC said...


krishnan said...

Uhmmm; mouth watering. Could have been better if you had mentioned their names. :)

Kedar PP said...

Ha ha ha ha ha...,
What a nice way of thanks-giving !!!!

Very funny. I laughed much.

Da Rodent said...

Interesting ;)

rambhai said...

well thats what can be called as short term gains that cannot be taxed~~~party time ~~~the guy must know you inside out to give such a tip