Friday, January 19, 2007

Nostalgia for The Hindu of the Nineties

Nostalgia sucks. It means you are growing old. It means your idols are passing away. That's what hit me when I read about passing away of Art Buchwald. I started reading The Hindu in 1988, the year we moved to Chennai. Initially I used to read Art Buchwald's column as yet another piece of News. It took me sometime to understand that he was writing satire.

The Hindu in 1990s had great reading material. My favorites were Art Buchwald Columns, R Mohan's cricket stories, This Day That Age (basically clippings from the Newspaper 50 years before, in early 90s they were covering The Second World War), Slice of Life (V Gangadhar still pens this, but somehow lacks the spontaneity of early days). The main meal was filling, and the mint was yet to make its appearance.


raj said...

Chenthil, nostalgia for the old Hindu, yes. The Mint's hardly refreshing- obviously, the dumbing down was well planned by N.Ram, looking at his recruitment strategy :-)
(BTW, 2 of my uncles are senior editors with the hindu!)

Anonymous said...

..and what about 'between you and me' by s.krishnan? or know your english?


The Talkative Man said...

I recollect seeing Know Your English in the Tuesday supplement as early as 1986 when K.Subramanyam was with the CIEFL. Upendran joined him circa 1992.

S.Krishnan's digs at the ruling party in his 'Between You and Me' column(1995) was the main catalyst for The Hindu's sour relations with the AIADMK :)

Anonymous said...

Victory for Senthil.

Senthil, I know you read from to bottom. In case, if you have missed this.

Chenthil said...

Thanks anon. TI have put up the cartoon in my sidebar

Reason said...

Know your english was by K.Subrahmanian - that was the spelling he used.

Anonymous said...

Before S.Krishnan "Between you and me" was by D.A - Standing for D.Anjeneyalu

I used to like his topics and style much better


Anonymous said...


I am collecting the column "Know Your English" which is available on Net. It is available from 2000 onwards. Does anyone knwo from where I can get earlier columns?