Thursday, January 18, 2007

Down with Germaine Greer

I am not bothered about the silly Shilpa Shetty Controversy. But when I read one of the innumerous articles (link via Amit Varma) about the controversy, my blood boiled. How dare Germaine Greer do this to Tamils? The community that was created before any other, the language that is the oldest surviving language in India, the culture that is superior to any other, has been belittled. Here is the grave remark by Greer that besmirches us.

As a Tamil, Shetty has certainly had to deal with discrimination at home in suburban Mumbai.

Such a perfidy has been done to Tamils. It shows the geographical insensitivity of Germaine Greer. Doesn't she know that even by a stretch of 100 miles Shetty can't be a Tamil? That Shetty belongs to Mangalore and not Chennai? Most importantly, when we have our own Trisha and Asin (whom we have borrowed from neighbouring Kerala) why should we want the plastic faced Shilpa Shetty to be foisted upon us. Ofcourse, we would have welcomed with open hands if it was Kajol.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chenthil,

When I read these words `` The community that was created before any other'' on your posting. I was reminded of another comment, perhaps I have read this in some other blog site.

``The first monkey to have evolved was a tamil monkey''

Perhaps our Viramuthu can use this in one of his songs.

Just a joke, I do not mean to hurt anybody.

I said...

Since Thamizh is the mother of all languages, everyone in the world is kinda sorta Thamizh.

Anonymous said...

FYI, Trisha is not from Kerala.
She was born and brought up in TN.

Anonymous said...

Trisha was schooled in Church Park.
Colleged in Ethiraj.
She won Miss Salem Steel City, Miss Chennai and Miss India Beautiful Smile 2000.

Chenthil said...

Anon, please improve your reading skills. The borrowed from Kerala paranthesis is placed after the name of Asin.

Boston Bala said...

தமிழில் பிரபுதேவாவுடன் நடித்த ஷில்பாவுக்கு இழிவு என்றால், தமிழன பொங்க வேண்டாமா!?

Anonymous said...

May be tamils should just nuke andhra, kerala and karnataka and create a thicker border with India.

Fuck all tamils.

Anonymous said...

but Trisha is Malayalee!!. Beware malayalees can be Kolayalees

Anonymous said...

i hope you're kidding... "the culture that's superior to any other"? i'm tamil too but this reeks of small-minded bigotry.