Thursday, December 07, 2006

Forget Art of Living, Learn Geometry

Dear Mukund Lalchand,

I read your comment on The Art of Living in The Hindu Metroplus today.

Coming from a well-to-do business family, you name it (brawls, pubbing and partying) and I have done it all. Post-Art of Living, my life took a 360-degree turn

I think what you need is not a course in Art of Living, but Geometry. Or are you really telling us something about the course?


ada-paavi!!!! said...

Dear Chenthil,

Please give us at hindu a break. we understand that u need to run a blog. and we provide you with the fodder. but of late you have been a bit harsh on us. can you go slow a bit.

a hindu reporter

PS: we are only as good as our editors, who are not as intelligent or as sharp as you chenthil.

Anonymous said...

But, Chenthil, there's definitely something about going all around on what seems like a circular path and coming back to what seems like the same point, but still feeling that you must definitely be standing at a different point.
I call that the 'infinite circle'. I can't tell you how much I empathise with this Mukund Lalchand character!

Nilu said...

that's why the profound should be left to maanga.

the weight of the aspirations of an entire civilization on my shoulders. yet, i carry on.

Nandhu said...

i think ravi shankar is a good guy, but i anyway get the creeps when i see so many pics of him in the media.

Nilu said...

why only ravi shankar good guy? nilu also good guy. no?

kumaran said...

I did AOL basic course and believe sudershan kriya is a really effective meditation technique, but beyond that why people idolize Ravi shankar escapes me. IMO the current "health and happiness" course offers nothing new.

Anonymous said...

Who is Ravi Shankar? What does he think about geometry?