Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Book links

While browsing through Lavanya's blog, found this person commenting there. He will get you books not available in India within 4-5 days he claims. While browsing through his blog, I hit upon this wonderful second hand book shop in Bangalore. And while talking about books and authors, can Zigzackly be left out? Check his post with loads and loads of links on Pico Iyer.


Amar said...

Thanks a lot

Rajesh Babu said...

There is also Blossoms Bookhouse in Church Street, Bangalore. They too have a huge collection of used books. This placed is run by an engineering graduate.

Mr. Krishna (BookWorm) is also knowledgeable about books.

-- Rajesh Babu

The Talkative Man said...

whoa, rajesh beat me to it - great to know they have a web presence now.

Anonymous said...

There is Murthy's in Bangalore off Brigade Road.