Friday, August 25, 2006

How to change the sex of a foetus

Just visit the swamiji called "Nemam Amma". He is one of the numerous Swamijis in rational Tamil Nadu. My wife pointed this ad of his in this week's Aval Vikatan, the women's magazine from Vikatan Publishers. (Aside: The Women's magazines of TN are still in Women's Era mould than the Femina mould, just an observation).

There were the usual testimonials about the Swamiji's powers and how he will cure you of all your problems. This particular testimonial was from a TV compere and Mega Serial actress, some one called Jeyasree.

"I was working in a local TV channel before meeting Amma. I asked Amma when will I become popular and he assure me of becoming popular soon. After that, I compered a program in Vijay TV and am now acting in serials too.

An even bigger miracle was the birth of our son. When I was three months into pregnancy, the scan showed that the child was a girl. But I and my husband wanted a boy, so we went to Nemam for 18 weeks to see Amma. Miraculously the next scan showed that the foetus was a boy"

In case you want such miracles to occur and change your life too, check Aval Vikatan's page 69 for further details. Or visit the Amma Bhagwan's site.


A Deeper Shade of Blue said...

Our supposedly rational chief minister banned the Da Vinci Code because it would offend some of our Christian friends. This from the political and ideological heirs of Periyar. So much for "rationalism".

tilotamma said...

so this amma is a man?

Sowmya said...

Usually fetal sex is more accurately determined after 20 weeks. Even then the ultrasound technician has to be able to see the external genetalia. I have heard cases where the umblical cord between the legs is mistaken for 'you know what' and hence the sex is determined as boy, and at the end of the term a girl is born.

So I would very easily assume that the technician made a mistake at 3 months and later on when the baby was bigger they were able to determine the sex more accurately.

So much pseudoscience and so little rationality!

Chenthil said...

ADS, rationalism in TN is usually limited to Hindu religion. As far as other religions are concerned, we are happily pseudo secular.

Tilo, the man is Kalki Bhagwan, whose popularity has waned now. So this is the new Avatar, Amma Bhagwan. He probably took lessons from Melmaruvathur Amma.

Sowmya, rationality is at premium here.

Anonymous said...

Your comment on the limits of TN rationalism made me think of this article:

Sriram said...

Wait a second here! Shouldn't amma be a woman here? Or am I missing something? (Say,a woman with a pretty nice beard?) and did you notice the "Oneness university"? Seriously, you can't make that up.

Anonymous said...

All ye Godless souls, thou all shalt get mercy and all.

Da Rodent said...

Good god.. heights this is.

Vidya said...

Oh yes Kalki Bhagawan. Old wine in a new bottle huh??. Isn't this the same guy who used to dance around ?.